Happiness Is Considered Very Important in Life: Writing Task 2

Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness?

Men have been striving to get happiness since times immemorial. Happiness is the best pursuit of men today and plays a crucial role in each aspect of individual life. Therefore, life would be mundane and idle without happiness. However, it is very difficult to describe the ground reality of happiness because it depends on personal choices. This essay will discuss that’s why it is difficult to define enjoyment due to individual selection, including the factors.

To begin with, life is a blend of smiles and tears, pleasure, and Sorrows because of the different choices of everyone. Put in other words, few individuals like to be happy in small bites without any expectation, and others do not understand them. In that case, people are unable to recognize the warmth with envy intentions because they are impassive and unable to assume other person’s happiness. For instance, if an average family tends to purchase a new car, then it will be an extremely special moment for them, but it might not be a big milestone for a richer family, so they do not consider the small joy in their day to day life. In addition, due to high expectations majority of individuals are unable to find happiness in the small stages of life.

Furthermore, some factors promulgate to get happiness. These integral components include the basic needs of desires, including food and shelter, clothing, and varieties of essentials to utilize on a daily basis, but if any are lacking and these will not be in good shape of mind that creates the ambience of unhappy. Secondly, most individuals want a strong relationship and connection with people around them because, in worse situations, they wish to spend quality time with them if there is no one to interact with or share their precious moments with, thus leading them to become tensed and worried. For instance, without friends or even partners, life becomes extremely difficult, and the person is unable to relate their matters with others in an appropriate manner.

In conclusion, a single definition of happiness considers men as mercurial personalities. There are ample factors that engaged with the feelings of others and implemented a few sorts of initiatives about the joy and living a life with immense happiness.

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