High School & Hometown IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

High School & Hometown IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

High School & Hometown IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1:- Where is your hometown?

Answer – Well, I live on the northern side of India, and my hometown is Ropar, which is a district in Punjab. It is a beautiful place to live in due to the plethora of amenities that people get, and they don’t face any kind of problem because it is a well-developed city.

Question 2:- How often do you visit your hometown?

Answer – Currently, I live in my hometown, so I regularly visit its market for purchasing necessary items as well as Sikh shrines, where I go to pay obeisance to be almighty and some tourist places where I go with my relatives whenever they come to my home.

Question 3:- How many people live in your hometown?

Answer – Well, as it’s a district, so the exact count of people is inexplicable, but a rough estimate that I can say around 5000 masses live in my city as well as some near to the city.

Question 4:- What is your hometown famous for?

Answer – Well, my home town is famous for its historical background as there are many Sikh temples as well as historical places like Harappan civilization, Indus civilization and a big museum. It is also known for the land of Martyrs as well as great saints. The tenth Guru of Sikhs came to this place, and that place is named after this Guru and is known as Bhattha sahib.

Question 5:- What’s the oldest part of your hometown?

Answer – Indus Valley Civilization as well as Harappan civilization are the oldest part of my city and is a centre of attraction for many people; many scholars, as well as archaeologists, also come to this place to explore the new things.

Question 6:- Who was your favourite teacher in high school?

Answer – Mr Karamjit Singh was my favourite teacher in my school now he is no more in this world, but I like the qualities of my teacher as he was dedicated, down to earth and veteran in his subject to teach the students.

Question 7:- What’s your favourite subject in high school?

Answer – Well, English was my favourite subject in school as it was taught to me by my favourite teacher. He was a pilot by profession, and if I am able to speak fluently, then the whole credit goes to this teacher. Due to it, I like this subject very much.

Question 8:- Do you still remember what happened on your first day of high school?

Answer – Yes, I still remember because the first day of my school was hilarious, and I laughed a lot on that day because I met beautiful faces on that day. I made new friends, and still, they are in my contact; and we have been in a very good relationship and with the blessings of God, I got expert mentors in my life. Due to it, I was able to complete my tertiary education in the first degree. I had ambivalent feelings at that time.

Question 9:- Do you still keep in touch with your friends from high school?

Answer – Yes, I am still in contact with a few friends from my high school because we studied together with our higher education, and if we go outside, then we make a plan together. In this way, we remember our childhood memories, and we have a belly laugh whenever we meet each other.

Question 10:- Do you miss your life in high school?

Answer – Yes, everybody missed their class in High School, so I also missed my high school, as I used to do a lot of fun in the class and there was a healthy competition among students to compete with each other. Moreover, sports acted as the icing on the cake because I had a great flair for sports, and by participating in spoon races, racing, cycle race, I won many prizes.

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