Because Many Children Are Not Able to Learn Foreign Languages

Because many children are not able to learn foreign languages, schools should not force them to learn foreign languages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Being multilingual is an asset to one’s personality, and if children know more than one language, it will be lucrative for their career. It has been recommended that educational institutes must not compel the learners to learn an alien language, owing to their incapability to acquire it. I thoroughly disagree with the statement because interest can be created among pupils by adopting effective strategies such as learning by doing.

First off, students are of unaware their capabilities. When they find it hard to learn a foreign language, it shows that they are incapable. However, this is not a reality. Instead, they can be motivated to study alien languages with the efforts of veteran mentors. They can be involved in learning by doing activities. Thus, they will not consider any other language except their mother tongue a burden. But they will learn and take an interest in it. For instance, dividing the students into groups to take part in debate, declamation, or occasionally elocution can work alot. They will be able to speak and make up for their deficiency. Therefore, little progress can assist learners in developing fully and which will be conducive in their future study.

Furthermore, schools are a second home for nippers. If they are not stimulated by the school authorities in the acquisition of foreign language, the future of the children is at risk. Because schools make them able to compete in the business market in their later period of life, to exemplify it, if pupils are not prepared for future employment, then their whole education goes waste. They get failed due to a lack of communication skills. To avoid this barrier, which can become a root cause of their failure, it makes it indispensable for the educational authorities to build conversation skills in children at an early age so that they cannot suffer alot.

To conclude, In consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that having a piece of knowledge about foreign language can bring profit to the learners in the long run. This needs the efforts of school experts, who can encourage the students by removing their false fears about the second language by indulging them in some activities like debate, group discussion, and to name but a few.

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