How Tea Leaves Are Processed Into Five Tea Types.

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The Diagram Shows How Tea Leaves Are Processed Into Five Tea Types.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

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Sample Answer of the AC Writing task 1 The diagram shows how tea leaves are processed into five tea types

The given diagram describes how tea is made out. According to the figure, tea leaves need to undergo a five process before being converted into a dry state of powder that we use.

The first step illustrates that when a leaf has a better growth rate, there is plucking sent for withering. The white tea only needs one process, i.e., oven drying. Moreover, there have been further three steps after withering, which are steaming, rolling, and drying, and after that, green tea is prepared for selling.

Although the process of oolong tea and large leaf black tea is similar, there has been a difference in fermentation, such as in the preparation of oolong tea; it includes the small fermentation while on the other side, full fermentation is there. Furthermore, there has been the inclusion of crushing in small leaf tea, which further involves a full fermentation and drying process and finally gets reading for the market.

So this is the end of the AC Writing Task 1 (The Diagram Shows How Tea Leaves Are Processed Into Five Tea Types.)

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