Some People Believe That Jobs Provide Both Income and for a Social Life

Some People Believe That Jobs Provide Both Income and for a Social Life, While Others Think That Friends Should Be Made Outside of Work.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Job gives identity, a convenient lifestyle, and respect to the individuals from society. Most people considered that the employment gives name and fame and offers better wages and status symbol. However, others contradict them by saying that friends can only make out of the workplace. Both aspects of this issue will be discussed in the following paragraphs.


First, the people who assert that jobs offer handsome money and comfortable life for individuals. They support their view by saying that dwellers want to spend their whole life in luxurious ways in this era—this need to make overburden on the pocket of a layman. Due to fulfilling their desires, they become money-minded, and they want to have better job opportunities in multinational companies, which provided them better income and status. This increase the reputation and respect in society. The higher companies offer them a bonus and family packages, which leads to spending quality time with near and dear ones. Apart from it, employees get higher promotions and experience in companies. Moreover, the job provides them numerous facilities like health-related treatments and some household materials at affordable prices.


However, the people who claim those age mates are only made out of the workplace. They say that by giving exemplifying that when employees become familiar with others, the environment is too friendly, which could reduce the productivity rate. As a result, workers may fail in completing any tasks which are related to their business. For instance, if two individuals have better friendship bonds at the workplace, it can damage anyone’s personal life, such as leakage of getting promotions and bonuses from the company. In addition to it, there has been a chance of exchanging pleasantries instead of focus on workload, which may further decrease the organization’s reputation.


In conclusion, according to my perspective, every coin has two sides “pros and cons” are related to every aspect. All that is required is a logical, rational, and balanced approach towards it.

So this is the Answer of the Writing Task 2 ( Some People Believe That Jobs Provide Both Income and for a Social Life )

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