There has been a humongous increase in the garbage

There has been a humongous increase in the garbage. What do you think are the causes of increased garbage and what methods would you suggest to reduce it.

Sample 1 ( Vidhya Sagar )

In many parts of the world, the increasing amount of litter has become a major menace for the citizens and its government. There are numerous reasons which contribute to making the garbage situation worse; hence needed to be taken into consideration. This essay will outline certain causes with adequate solutions, and some examples will also be discussed further below.

There has been a humongous increase in the garbageFirst and the foremost cause for producing more waste is the psychological attitude of people. As we are living in the era of consumerism so many of us are obliged to buy goods which are usually not necessary, leading to the unwanted trash near our localities. Another reason is the dearth of an appropriate landfill and incineration sites in many areas. For example, one can see large leaps of garbage near slum areas where these groups of people have become habitual to throw away their wastages anywhere, causing several respiratory diseases. In addition, the lack of a recycling system also plays a significant role in the growing intensity of litter.

To tackle these issues, people should be educated about their behavior of extravagant expenditure upon unnecessary things via educational programs or by running a clean and green environment campaign. For instance, Clean India Mission by the Indian government in 2015 to spread awareness among its civilians.

Moreover, each nation should implement required landfill and incineration plants so that garbage can be collected in an effective manner. Also, Municipal Authorities should be vigilant towards the regular maintenance of such plants. Last but not least is the establishment of recycling units where solid trash items such as paper and packaging material can be easily sorted out and reused again.

To summarise, growing rubbish throughout the world has become a severe concern and is likely to be rising in the upcoming decades. However, I strongly believe that this problem can be resolved by the combined efforts of both the individuals and governments.

Sample 2 ( Crystle )

Nowadays, people are littering almost everywhere, on the roads or in the market streets. There has been huge acceleration observed in the amount of rubbish that is thrown which is ubiquitous. This essay shall delve into the causes of this rise and shall recommend some methods to curb it.

There are copious rationales for the increase in the garbage. First and foremost, goods which are ordered, especially online, are wrapped with a lot of packaging. This aids in non-breaking of the material and creates a decent amount of cushion. Also, this creates a rise in waste material which is thrown on the roads. increasing the amount of garbage in the surrounding. Sequentially, people throw a lot of wrappers and empty bottles outside on the road so that their bags or cars are not filled with such junk. If such rubbish is not dumped in bins, this can clog the sewage which can give rise to several diseases. In 2014′. The Times of India‘, claimed that Mumbai has experienced 56% of litter increase in the last 1 decade which creates major problems in the rainy season.

There is a myriad of methods which can be suggested to reduce the garbage. To initiate, bureaucrats should arrange for dustbins at every one kilometer so that the garbage is placed in the bin. These bins should be emptied in the garbage van on a daily basis. Such activity will not only help in decreasing the rubbish but also will help in reducing community diseases. Furthermore, strict rules and regulations on littering should be observed and followed so that the citizens of the nations help each other in maintaining a better environment for the future generation. Moreover, ill-effects of throwing plastic on the roads should be flashed on social media so that people of the country are aware of the repercussions.

To infer, people and the civic bodies, both together should come forward and take a step further to reduce the litter which can have detrimental effects on the system. Self-awareness is the prime method by which abundance of issues can be sorted and problems can vanish.

Sample 3 ( Priyanka Jaitly )

There has been a humongous increase in the garbage. What do you think are the causes of increased garbage and what methods would you suggest to reduce it.
Gigantic mountains of garbage are day by day becoming a headache for the entire world. Increasing population and changing trends are the major reasons for the rising heaps of waste materials. There are various methods like utilizing the trash in a positive way and recycling, to curb this problem.
There has been a humongous increase in the garbageFirstly, as the population of the world is on hype, so is the increase in the number of products used by them. The more we produce, eat, utilize, etc. the more junk it yields. The world has become a house containing various forms of plastic waste in enormous amounts.
Almost every country of the world is facing the problem of dumping or destroying such a huge amount of trash and sadly, most of them are unsuccessful. In evidence of it, we can see many developing countries where piles of garbage are the common scene on roads, as these countries do not have proper waste management systems. Secondly, a new sort of emerging scrap is an electronic waste. With the advancement of technology, gadgets, which seem useful today are useless tomorrow. This a never-ending process, as a result, scrap keeps on accumulating.
The above-said problems can be reduced by using various methods. First of all, each citizen along with the government must take it as their first and foremost duty to tackle the rising litter. All must think about alternative methods of using waste in an innovative and intriguing way. The best example of such an innovation is a school in Myanmar, which is made from plastic bottles in place of bricks.
in addition to it, as an initiative to reduce electronic waste, all the appliances must be equipped with auto updation facilities. So that, every apparatus must work in accordance with new technology and no one can dump their devices as a scrap. There must be proper methods to recycle them so that nothing useless is left behind.
In conclusion, blasting population and the advent of new equipment are responsible for continuously growing trash mounds. The solution to this problem is in creating best from the waste and recycling time and again. Both natives and authorities must equally and actively take part in such activities.

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