mainly tourists, but not local people visit museums and historical sites

In many countries, mainly tourists, but not local people visit museums and historical sites. Why does this happen and what can be done to attract more local people to visit these places?
Sample 1 (Pooja)

A lot of countries, especially tourist are more attracted to museums and historical places in spite of resident people. The interest of museums and historical sites is very low in local people. However, some people discuss this point and consider that why only a few native people visit their famous sites and what measures should be done for encouraging visitors.

First of all, local people should have sufficient knowledge about their history and culture. This is the main reason behind the decline of local people interest in art galleries. If they visit the same place, again and again then this will not be productive for them. They will not get new things to learn about their past from the museum but for tourists, it is the best place to gain knowledge about the over past culture and heritage. So, they tend to visit often to new places. Moreover, the price of tickets is very high and people do not want to spend more money which is not beneficial for them.

To solve this, the government can construct more museum that contains new types of information apart from over history like a museum of arms and ammunition or maybe aircraft or ships through which we can get enormous knowledge about the latest technology. Advertisement can also attract the countryside people. Tickets price should be affordable and for senior citizens or children under the age of 12 should be free of cost. The government should renovate the old museum and set up new facilities for hygienic and amusement.

To conclude, the local authority should start new things that catch their eyes and make them happy. To attract local people a lot of efforts should be made by the government but prices should be reasonable and a variety of facilities should be organized.

Sample 2 (Sandeep)
Although most people have sites of his historical interest and a variety of museums to visit, it is predominantly tourists who come to see them, not local people visit in museums and historical sites. In this essay, I will discuss some reasons and solutions in upcoming paragraphs.
In many countries, mainly tourists, but not local people visit museums and historical sitesTo begin with, there are several reasons why local people do not visit in local places of history and museums. First and Foremost, today individuals are busy with their domestic chores and they are happy with their sedentary lifestyle. Secondly, it can be seen that Punjab boasts of a number of museums and historical places but local people do not visit them because the majority of the population in Punjab is hardworking and they have long working hours and after coming back from work so that time they have very less energy to visit historical places. Sometimes many people feel waste of the time to visit these places.
On the other hand side, there are some solutions which can attract local people to visit museums and historical buildings because these places depict the history and culture of our forefathers. So schools can impact knowledge about historical places among the students so that they gain interest in respect for such places. For example, schools can give their students assignments related to the history of culture and studies should get more information about muse and old historical buildings from their parents.
To conclude, local people, do not visit local places due to the fact that they are busy with their life if museums can create new exhibition every season then the number of people visit their historical sites will increase eventually.

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