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Candidates receive band scores from 1 to 9 on each of the 4 modules: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Overall Band Score is the result of the average of these 4 scores which has been rounded to the nearest whole or half band. This calculator is based on the new scoring system put in place in July 2007, using half and whole band scores. Here we provide you  Academic Reading, General Reading, and Listening Band Score calculator 



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The International English Language Testing System or more commonly known as just ‘IELTS,’ is an assessment that measures the language ability of individuals interested in pursuing higher education overseas or simply migrating to another country. In many countries, there are several different immigration programs, including Student visas, JOB offers, and even Family reunification. There is also a program known as the Diversity visa or Green Card lottery, allowing thousands of non-English speakers to migrate to America every year. The IELTS exam consists of four sections- Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking in which applicants need to attain at least 6.5 points to be eligible for any of these types of visas.

The IELTS Band Calculator is an online service that calculates your overall band score based on your earned scores from each section. This calculator is designed for both Academic and General Training modules, so it can be used regardless if you’re applying for a Student Visa or a Work Permit.

The scores in all four sections of the exam are awarded between 1-9. For every section, only one score can be taken from Band 1 – 5 or Band 6 – 9 depending on the type of test module you completed, with no half bands available for any band range. To achieve a band score range from 6-9, applicants must have obtained around 60% in their Reading and Writing sections combined.

To get more accurate results, applicants must choose which module they took when filling out the questionnaire provided on this site. Applicants are also encouraged to use the ‘Calculate’ button three times to ensure that their scores were transferred correctly into the calculator system. Make sure that you’ve opened up the IELTS Band Score Calculator on your web browser before proceeding with any test scores if you wish to receive accurate results.


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