IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and 86 Questions

These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience. For your help, we have written many answers to these questions on the basis of the experience of many students.

IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions

Question 1:- Do you Like Picnics?

Answer 1:- Certainly, any kind of outing really appeals to me a lot as it not only refreshes my mind but also generates new energy to work more productively.

Answer 2:- Yes, I do like picnics. As it gives refreshment to mind and soul, I would prefer to go picnics with family and friends.

Answer 3:- certainly, I do. On the picnic day, I rejuvenate myself and spend my precious time with my kith and kins.

Answer 4:- No, I dont like to go picnic. Being an introverted person so I don’t like to go very social with others. As such, I usually avoid these kinds of events.

Question 2:- How often do you go on picnics?

Answer 1:- I usually plan any trips on weekends with my immediate family.

Answer 2:- Probably, I could say monthly once. As I work on weekdays, I go to a picnic on weekends. Sometimes, if there is any long weekend from my job, I will enjoy that holiday.

Answer 3:- well, to be honest, I am a student, and I have a hectic schedule that’s why I don’t have much more time to go for a picnic but, once in a month, I visit new places.

Answer 4:- well, it’s not very often, but yeah, sometimes I get opportunities to enjoy picnics or such kinds of events because I am a teacher, and it is a very common thing in school.

Question 3:- When was the last time you went on picnics?

Answer 1:- Recently, 2 weeks back on the weekend, we went up hills to Shimla, the most favorite tourist location in our region.

Answer 2:- Due to this covid, I did not have a chance to go out in the pandemic. It’s been more than a year. I went to the Tanjore temple with my family.

Answer 3: I vividly remember that my family and I went to Jaipur for a short trip two months ago. We were visited many palaces and forts. I really enjoyed the trip.

Answer 4:- Remember last time it was fab 2020? I remember that we had a picnic at a nearby spot in
The locality for primary students was a newly built theme park. My school wanted students to visit For recreational purposes.

Question 4:- Do you think farming is Important?

Answer 1:- Absolutely, as any kind of agrarian business is the backbone of any economy to flourish to its pinnacle, it also serves the basic necessity of food of the individuals.

Answer 2:- Obviously, it is more important than anything in the world as agriculture is the backbone of India. Everybody should learn the basic farming process at least.

Answer 3:- there is no doubt that agriculture is essential for human with the help of farming human gets all shots of vegetables, foods, and many things so, without food human Can’t survive for one day.

Answer 4:- Precisely farming is very important as whatever we eat today is just because of farming. On the other side, if I talk about the Indian economy is based on the agriculture sector, I think nationally and individuals it is very important.

Question 5:- Have you ever visited a farm?

Answer 1:- Yes, many times, as I belong to an agricultural background, I, along with my kith and kind, usually go to our farmhouse in our vacations to enjoy the lush green environment.

Answer 2:- Yes, every summer holiday I used to go to my grandfather’s farmland. I like to see green plants, crops, and sunflowers. Based on the season, it may change even though I would like to enjoy seeing them and to work in the field.

Answer 3:- wow, it’s an interesting question; well, my father is a farmer, that is why I always visit my farms. In fact, we have a small Treehouse on our farm, so I just said that and enjoyed the nature and the chirping of birds and many more things.

Answer 4: Yes, I visit the farm many times as one of my uncles has their own farm in which they have cattle and every traditional type of equipment required for farming purposes. Whenever I get the opportunity, I like to visit there to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the farms.

Question 6:- Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?

Answer 1:- Well, to be honest, not every time, but sometimes it is hard to concentration on something for me.

Answer 2:- Generally, it is not difficult for me to stay focused, but it depends on what kind of work I am doing and its environment.

Answer 3:- Well, nowadays, I think it is challenging for most people to stay focus on single because everyone is multitasking, but for me, it is not a difficult task because at once I like to perform a single task and stay focused on that, so I think I’m very focused for task most of the time.

Answer 4:- Absolutely, if I shouldn’t devote full concentration to accomplishing any task, I may end up in a disaster.

Question 7:- When is it hard to concentrate?

Answer 1: When working on something and pivot to focus on a particular task, someone or other factors interrupt. It is hard to concentrate. Such as noisy places. As well as we don’t take an interest in them at that time too.

Answer 2:- Sometimes, when surroundings are so noisy and distracting, it’s a little difficult for me to concentrate.

Answer 3:- mostly situation becomes hard when we involve ourselves in multitasking. In all these cases, it is tough for anyone, even for me, to concentrate on a single task.

Answer 4:- Most of the time, when I’m engaged in multitasking or gets distracted by any obstacle in between, we get trouble in focusing, for instance, our ringing phone while studying. Apart from this, when I am totally dead on my feet, it seems arduous to concentrate.

Question 8:- What may distract you when you are trying to stay focused?

Answer 1:- Surrounding atmosphere is principally mattered. As I said earlier, if I am outside and their noise level is high, it disturbs me. Some people also like to read books in public places, but I couldn’t concentrate.

Answer 2:- It is hard to stay focused when I am getting distracted too much, like when I am doing the study, and someone tries to talk with me again and again, or somebody playing music so loud when I am studying it got me distracted.

Answer 3:- Well, I would say everything that surrounds me when I want to focus on something actually distracts me a lot, like we can say vehicle horns or any hustle bustle, even gossips.

Answer 4:- There are a variety of things from which our attention can get diverted, first and foremost is the frequent alerts from our mobile, sounds from TV, voices of people as well as the honking of vehicles and shrieking sounds from a nearby construction site.

Question 9:- In what situations do you need to concentrate

Answer 1:- To focus on a specific task, I need to a silent place and be required to interest in that work for me.

Answer 2: I need to be concentrated when I do the study when I do any project or do my job.

Answer 3:- Well, I think every situation requires a different kind of concentration, mostly the intense situation, or we can say critical task requires more concentration than extensive tasks.

Answer 4:- While studying, writing an exam, or working on an important I need to be very attentive to get the best outcome of what I am doing. Moreover, during driving, I need to be very much focused behind the wheel; else if I don’t fix my attention on the road, I’ll risk getting into an accident.

Question 10:- When do you need to be focused?

Answer 1:- I am a student. Whenever I am studying my academic books or doing any other task time, I mostly need to focus.

Answer 2: When someone explains something, I need to focus on a goal that I must achieve.

Answer 3:- Well, professionally, I’m a teacher, and I think in my profession I need to be focused every time whenever I’m in class because it is very unpredictable that anyone can ask me any kind of question, so to answer every question, I need to focus on it.

Answer 4:- There are some circumstances where I’ve to fix a problem while troubleshooting my PC. I’ve to act mindfully with all of my concentration. When I need to find a concrete solution and runoff time, I’ve to set priorities and work carefully to achieve my desired goal.

Question 11:- What do you do to improve concentration?

Answer 1:- Early morning, I regularly do yoga and exercise. For concentration, I learned one yoga from my aunt in this yoga. Firstly, I took a long breath, close my eyes, and then slowly exhaled later to repeat this at least for 2 minutes.

Answer 2:- To improve concentration, I do meditation

Answer 3:- To improve my concentration power, I like to perform a single task at 1  time and second think every time I keep it in my mind that I need not hurry for any task. Last but not least, I use meditation techniques to increase my concentration.

Answer 4:- Firstly, I strongly believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, I’ll first try to become more physically active to think and focus more productively. Additionally, I will shun out all the things that may divert me while doing something important, such as mobile or laptop.

Question 12:- What do you do to help you concentrate?

Answer 1:- Regular yoga and exercise help me for improving my concentration.

Answer 2:- To help me concentrate, I listen to music sometimes

Answer 3:- Running and Meditation, mind your own business and don’t overthink; this helps to concentrate on something right away when we started.

Answer 4:- Along with doing all other things as I’ve mentioned before, I’ll try to organize myself in a better way and cut out all the mess from my personal as well as professional space and make it spic and span, so that I may think more creatively and consciously. Further, I’ll also set time-bound short-time goals to concentrate well and achieve in a better way without getting sidetracked.

Question 13:- Is it easy for you to do two things simultaneously?

Answer 1:- No, I am not good at doing two tasks at the same time. If I do, then it is hard for me to same focus on both things.

Answer 2:- Yes, it easy for me to do two things together, but it depends on what things are they if it’s leisure activities I can do more likely but if it’s a study and work I can not.

Answer 3:- Well, it totally depends on the intensity of the task. Sometimes the task is straightforward in nature. In that case, I can perform two tasks at a time. Still, when tasks are critical in nature or intense, I found it difficult to perform both tasks simultaneously.

Answer 4:- Earlier, it seems to me as a Herculean task, but the moment I started myself to work in a well-thought-out way as well as setting priorities, it seems a cakewalk for me.  For instance, performing my daily chores as well as doing my work from home.

Question 14:- Do you make a list when you shop?

Answer 1:- Certainly, I am a good planner, and whenever I go shopping, I usually make a list of my grocery or other essential items so that whatever is at the priority, I purchase that and accordingly do the shopping mindfully so that I should pile up my pantry or closet unnecessarily.

Answer 2:- Yes, I do generally like to make a list when I go shopping

Answer 3:- List aids with memory and helps prevent any oversight, so yes, I regularly make and use lists for shopping.

Answer 4:- yes, I definitely make a list whenever I go to the shop because sometimes I forgot the things to buy, so I found making a list very useful.

Question 15:- Do you make a list of your work? Does it work?

Answer 1:- At work, although most of the things are already scheduled, sometimes when I am doing multitasking, it really becomes very difficult to organize all the tasks, so most of the times, I usually prioritize and accordingly make a record of the important tasks so that I can accomplish appropriately.

Answer 2: I make a list of my stuff that I need to buy from the market. Most of the time, it works, and I think it is good to do so.

Answer 3:- In fact, I make structured lists and sometimes mind-maps to plan and remember important tasks, both at work or home.

Answer 4:- honestly saying I do not make any list of work because every day I have a different kind of work..but during exam days, I definitely make a list or schedule.

Question 16:- Why don’t some people like making lists?

Answer 1:- According to my perspective, those who usually make a schedule of their work-related tasks or the daily chores to be accomplished at the priority are well organized. They don’t end up with the things that haphazardly. I believe this, in turn, definitely increases their efficacy as well as productivity.

Answer 2:- People don’t like to make lists because they want to explore new products or items and are more likely to experiment with them. Making a list is quite a tedious task for some.

Answer 3: Maybe they are lazy or find it cumbersome to make and maintain lists. However, some people are really good at memorizing stuff, and they feel they don’t need lists.

Answer 4:- actually, it depends on person to person. I thought people who do not like making lists
may find this task useless, or they sometimes lose their manual lists.

Question 17:- Can you name products or materials that are commonly recycled?

Answer 1:- As I am an avid nature lover, I really love to recycle. Various things can be reused in a better way to contribute to protecting our environment as much as possible. Items like plastic bottles and old shoe boxes and that we can also use old clothes and many other things can be recycled very easily.

Answer 2:- Well, to my knowledge, Papers, cardboard, and steel are some recycled products.

Answer 3:- We use paper bags for shopping; they are heavy-duty and can be recycled as well. We use glass bottles for milk; those can be recycled as well.

Answer 4:- I think recycling things are best not for present life but also the future. Paper, glass,
cardboard metal is some materials that we can use for recycling.

Question 18:- Why have people’s attitudes towards recycling changed over the last several years?

Answer 1:- As compared to the past, people have got more awareness about the carbon emissions, the greenhouse effect, and the deteriorating health because of the toxic fumes coming from the vehicles as well as the factories that is why they got more concerned about their health and our planet. Thus, most of them got proactively involved in recycling things and making our planet greener and cleaner.

Answer 2: I believe that people have started to think about their environment over the last few years. This is predominantly related to global climate change and its severe impact on the well-being of humans.

Answer 3:- I think there is more awareness among people towards recycling, and people actaully respect the environment. This could be due to the various initiative and awareness programs, and also as a part of education in schools.

Answer 4: In this present scenario, human beings destroy the
environment and create a lot of imbalance for development. Now to tackle this, human being changed
their attitude and adopted recycle principal

Question 19:- Do you think recycling is important?

Answer 1:- Absolutely, without a doubt, I would definitely say that as people have become more prone to throwaway culture, the inclination towards recycling can actually save our planet from becoming a heap of garbage.

Answer 2:- Yes, I certainly believe that recycling is crucial as it alleviates waste and preserves natural resources.

Answer 3:- Everything has a limit; even resources on our planet are limited. If we don’t use resources judiciously and replenish them, it will be difficult for future generations to survive.

Answer 4:- yes, in my eyes, not only recycling.. but all 3R principles recycle, reuse, reduce is important. With this, we can easily maintain balance in our ecosystem.

Question 20:- What do you do in your spare time?

Answer 1: Ironically, my leisure time as a toddler mother and working from home is sometimes really next to impossible. Although I really love whenever I have a bit of free time, I relish every second of it by just sitting on my rocking chair, spending my time having a cup of coffee, and watching lush greenery from my window.

Answer 2:- I mostly spend my free time in meditation and yoga and watching football matches on TV.

Answer 3:- I like reading too, so I read online articles and sometimes books in my spare time.

Answer 4:- In my leisure time, I like reading books and also focus on my long-term ambitions.

Question 21:- What do you usually do at weekends?

Answer 1:- After a long and exhausting week, I usually love to enjoy spending time with my family along with buying some groceries and relaxing on Sundays. Most often some we also go to hills for a picnic on weekends.

Answer 2:- I do my personal household chores, buy groceries and talk to my pals.

Answer 3:- I spent most of the time with my family over the weekend. We get up early, go out for breakfast, and then play outdoors and go out for dinner in the evening.

Answer 4:- first, when weekends come, I get relief from my hectic schedule. I usually spend time with my family, sometimes on weekends I also meet with my friends.

Question 22:- Do you think it is important to make the most of your weekend?

Answer 1:- Definitely as a small break in your hectic and monotonous schedule not only rejuvenate your mind but also boosts energy in your body to perform more productively well in the forthcoming week.

Answer 2:- Yes, a person must spend quality time with himself on weekends as everyone should have their own space.

Answer 3:- Quality time spent with family is most important besides having good rest and getting ready for the week to come.

Answer 4:- No, I don’t think it’s compulsory to make every weekend important.

Question 23:- How often do you take a rest?

Answer 1:- When I feel Stress and tired, if I cannot take it long in any work, I rest in intervals, and I move from my desk and go for a short walk or take some power naps.

Answer 2:- As I am young and energetic, I do not take rest frequently, but when I am working at my office after two hours, I am taking two to three minutes break due to continuous screening out in front of
computers and half an hour lunch break near 1 to 1:30 PM every day apart from the weekend.

Answer 3:- Honestly speaking, as I am working from home, I am mostly swamped up with work, such as performing my daily chores as well as; according to the present pandemic situation, my toddlers is also at home, so I have to take care of her studies as well. So I hardly get time to rest, but whenever I get time, I usually sit on my rocking chair, spending my me-time while having a cup of coffee.

Answer 4:- Well, I always rest after 2 to 3 hours or whenever I feel tired as I am working in an IT company and have to work on a laptop always. So, If I work continuously without rest, it will affect my health and my eye. So, I always prefer to rest after 2 to 3 hours or feel tired.

Question 24:- Do you take a nap when you have a rest?

Answer 1:- Sometimes I take Power naps; when I drive long for so many hours, I will stop my car by the side and take a Small Nap; it will give you some freshness. You Should take Small naps; as some studies said, power naps improve the energy of the tired body.

Answer 2:- Well, In General Days afternoon nap is not possible to carry out as I am all-time in the office, but on Sunday, I am generally taking two hours nap immediately after lunch.

Answer 3:- As I mentioned before, I hardly get a specific time to rest, but whenever specifically on the weekend, I get time, you should relax as I know that nothing reduces our stress and rejuvenates our body with a new kind of energy. Hence, although I try more often & whenever I get time on the weekdays, I also take a quiet 15 minutes nap.

Answer 4:- No, I don’t take a nap when I have a rest as I already mentioned to you I am working in an IT company, so It doesn’t look good if I take a nap to take a rest.

Question 25:- How do you feel after taking a Nap?

Answer 1:- I will feel refreshed like a Horse and start my work with a lot of energy; after a nap, a coffee will add more power to my body and get back to work with energy.

Answer 2:- Afternoon nap is essential as you are tired from morning due to lots of work, so you need to calm and relax, and a nap can do that. Moreover, after lunch, your all food digest if you take a nap, so yes afternoon nap refreshes our moods.

Answer 3:- Absolutely, totally refreshed, and I can focus on the upcoming tasks more efficiently.

Answer 4:- Well, I don’t know because I already mentioned that I never take a nap to take a rest.

Question 26:- Do you like trees?

Answer 1:- Yes! I like places where will have more trees and green which will have a lot of vegetation. Trees will produce a lot of fresh air. And the color green is good for the eyes.

Answer 2:- I cherished trees, most especially the ones that have branches with plenty of leaves that serve as shields.

Answer 3:- Certainly, as an avid nature lover, I really enjoy the serene view of lush green trees.

Answer 4:- Undoubtedly, I like trees very much because I am quite a nature lover. It provides us fresh and clean air and gives us fruits and shade during the rainy season. Trees make a place more exquisite.

Question 27:- Would you like to live in a place that has lots of trees?

Answer 1:- Yes! As Said, I like trees, and I would like to live in a place with many trees. In my garden we have neem and mango trees are planted when I was a kid, now these are grown up, and we are enjoying their fruits, Neem tree will generate Nice fresh air which is good for health.

Answer 2:- As I am the farmer’s son, I loved the trees. There were many trees in my hometown as it is near to the hilly area. Hence, there is lots of greenery around my home. We have a special mango tree farm that gives fruits in summer and shelter during hot waves in summer, so you should choose your residence in which trees are very near.

Answer 3:- In this respect, I am quite fortunate that I am residing at the outskirts of the city where I can enjoy the great view of vegetation spread to a great extent, and the cool breeze really soothes my mind at the dawn.

Answer 4:- Ofcourse, I would love to live in that place with many trees as I like greenery so much. Numerous trees make that place very exquisite and attractive. Even, provide fresh oxygen as well, and that place will always mesmerize me.

Question 28:- Do you think places with trees attract more visitors than places with fewer trees?

Answer 1:- Yes! Green Attracts more, people visit places with more trees, and they can relax under trees peacefully.

Answer 2:- Yes, of course, greenery is always loved by everyone, which always fresh our moods and many tourists spend their holidays in which they required peace as they have tired from everyday work so agreed that visitors loved the place in which many trees has been growing.

Answer 3:- India is rich in its diverse flora and fauna and above all the government also has taken great measures for making our tourist spots greener and cleaner,  to attract the majority of visitors and special arrangements such as planting of shady trees as well as floral plants has been planted.

Answer 4:- Definitely, places with more trees attract the visitors more than that place where fewer trees are present; as I already mentioned, your trees make the place more ravishing. People will feel more comfortable and feel very close to nature.

Question 29:- Do you like to go to a forest?

Answer 1:- I am interested in Visiting forests and have a campfire for one night. I did once near my hometown maredimilly forest. My friends and I spent the whole night had a good time and had a campfire sang songs boozed a little.

Answer 2:- Many people don’t like to go to the forest as this is dangerous. The food availability is deficient, but I have an adverse opinion as I like to forest because it gives me an adventurous experience when I think about a forest trip.

Answer 3:- Honestly, I have never thought of it, but as my memory serves me well in my childhood, I went trekking on the nearby Hills of Mussoorie, where I really enjoyed the most being a part of the Woods.

Answer 4:- Certainly, I love to go to a forest because it is a home of animals and I like to watch animals. In forests, there are enormous and a plethora of trees which make the forest more attractive.

Question 30:- Is there a forest near your hometown?

Answer 1:- Yes! We have the Nallamala forest, a huge forest in the occupation and one of the famous forests in the southern part of India. It is famous for its wildlife.

Answer 2:- Well, to be honest, according to my viewpoint, there is no forest near me. However, there are a plethora of plants to the corner of the roads. I like to see.

Answer 3:- My hometown Amritsar is in the northern part of India, where most of the associated states are there. It is also called in the plains of India where there is no such forest as per my knowledge.

Answer 4:- I don’t think so. I think there is no forest near my hometown. I wish it could be, and then I would prefer to go once a week as I like forests very much.

Question 31:- Where can one find trees or forests in your country?

Answer 1:- In my country, you can find western and southern parts of the country you can have a lot of forests. Especially Ooty and Kodai and Coorg in southern parts, Tirora Gondia in the western part of the country.

Answer 2:- One of the most interesting places of Gujarat Tourism,‘’ Gir National Park,” is near my house, almost 200 KM distance and it has almost N Numbers Of trees in this forest both wild and familiar
trees. In this park, you can visit Asian Lions and watch amazing nature for different types of trees, which is quite an interesting place in my country.

Answer 3:- As India is rich in its diverse climate, from the chilling winters of Kashmir to the tropical climate at the beaches of Kerala as well as from west to the Eastern area, there is a wide variety of weather conditions, and accordingly, the most favorable climate for the maximum vegetation are in the hills as well as the Eastern areas.

Answer 4:- India is a diverse country. Anyone can find trees anywhere as. Usually, people like to make their own private garden with multifarious trees for fruits and greenery in their home.

Question 32:- Did you ever climb trees when you were a child?

Answer 1:- Yes! It is a fun activity. for mangoes, I climbed the tree once, and I plucked many mangoes from the tree we had with salt and chili powder.

Answer 2:- In my childhood, we are playing games in which climbing on trees is my favorite one, and at
childhood, I usually climb on a tree while playing this game or require fruits from a tree at my

Answer 3:- In my childhood, I was quite a wallflower and not exactly a notorious kid, so I don’t have any memory of climbing trees.

Answer 4:- Definitely, I vividly remember there was a temple near to my college. During my college time, whenever I went to that temple, then in the way, there was a huge old tree with numerous leaves and mangoes. I always climb to that mango tree with my friends and like to take some pictures after climbing.

Question 33:- Have you ever planted a Tree?

Answer 1:- I started this habit of planting a tree for every birthday when I was 7 years old. For every birthday, I used to visit this park named  ‘ Planting trees.’ I plant a tree where they will take care of those plants who planted there. I got certificate appreciation for continuously planting trees without fail for these years.

Answer 2:- Yes, as I already mentioned, I am a farming son so, during monsoon season, we are planting so many trees at my farm, and every 5th June, on the occasion of environment day, we used to plant trees plants at our childhood schools.

Answer 3:- Since my childhood, I was a part of many voluntary activities is specifically related to the environment & lately, in our vicinity as well, I have planted 8 trees in the park.

Answer 4:- Fortunately, I always plant a tree on my birthday as It gives me internal happiness. Even I planted a tree in my school days when there was an environment day, and my educator told me to bring a small tree to plant.

Question 34:- Is math difficult for you to learn?

Answer 1:- Precisely not well from my early childhood till now math was and is my favorite subject because I love calculations I love logical reasoning that’s why I never found maths a boring subject and difficult one. So most of the time, it was very easy for me to learn mathematics.+

Answer 2:- Well, to be honest, I am a math person, and I don’t find math to be difficult, but I find it rather easy.

Answer 3:- well, truly saying maths is not a difficult subject, we just need to understand their basic formula, and we can easily solve the sums or given statements. With the help of these rules, I can easily learn them.

Answer 4:- Yes, I am so weak in maths. I don’t know why I tried so hard to learn math, and I am good at basic, but sometimes very complex formulas make math hard for me.

Question 35:- Do you think math is difficult?

Answer 1:- For me, maths is not a difficult subject. It only requires a lot of concentration and logical thinking. If a person possesses these 2 skills, he can easily crack mathematics up to a large extent, but some develop a phobia for mathematics. That’s why they found it difficult to learn altogether. I must say it’s not a difficult subject.

Answer 2:- As I mentioned earlier, I am a math person, and actually, I think of math as a walk in the park. Yeah, I find it extremely enjoyable too.

Answer 3:- no, in my perspective, mathematics is not very difficult. We just need to understand it, and practice sums daily. These criteria also help us to become a topper in maths.

Answer 4:- Math is not difficult for everyone. Basic math is easy for everyone, but when studying maths, I see long sums and formulas. It starts getting difficult for me. But some people can do any kind of math easily.

Question 36:- When did you start learning math?

Answer 1:- Well, from early childhood, I started to learn maths. Firstly, I started with the types of numbers and then tablets and then addition subtraction division multiplication. Gradually, the level of mathematics increased day by day. Till 10th standard, I studied math.

Answer 2:- I have been studying math since I was a child. Actually, math was one of the compulsory subjects in my school from grade 1.

Answer 3:- I started learning mathematics from my childhood..from nursery class, I used to learn numbers, tables.

Answer 4:- I started learning maths when I was a 4-year-old kid. I started learning math with numbers, tables, addition, division, etc.

Question 37:- Do you like math?

Answer 1:- Yeah, definitely I love math. As I told earlier, I like critical things, or we can say the problems we need to think logically. Maths is the same subject, and I remember in 10 standards, I scored 94 marks out of 100 just because of my passion for maths.

Answer 2:- I am absolutely fond of math, and I think everyone must study it.

Answer 3:- yes, I like maths, but I like Science more because this subject is more interesting, and I also opted for this after my matriculation, and now I am pursuing my master’s in this field.

Answer 4:- I don’t like math. Even math is one of the weakest points for me in the study.

Question 38:- Who taught you math?

Answer 1:- Well, I learn maths from a lot of teachers. I vividly remember for the first time who taught me this, but I remember one teacher named Harjinder Singh he was my maths in charge in 10th standard, and I learn a lot from them.

Answer 2:- Well, I was taught math by my parents at home and teachers.

Answer 3:- my school teachers taught me maths, but my mother is also an expert in this, so when I was a child, she provided me basic knowledge like counting, addition, subtraction at home.

Answer 4:- my elder brother was very good at maths. He usually receives full grades in maths, so he used to teach me maths.

Question 39:- Do you like to use a calculator?

Answer 1: No, I dont like to use a Calculator because I think my mathematical calculations are good enough like I am an accountancy teacher. In this subject, there are lots of calculations -and I vividly remember the last time I use a Calculator; however, I avoid using it most of the time.

Answer 2:- I think calculators make calculations easy and fast, and I like it, but to be honest, I don’t use calculators much of the time because using them made exams difficult.

Answer 3:- yes, honestly saying. I love using calculators because it saves our time, and we can do huge calculations within a minute. It is also very accessible, and nowadays, scientific calculators are also available on our smartphones.

Answer 4:- I like using the calculator. It makes basic math simple and fast.

Question 40:- Do you think museums are important?

Answer 1:- Definitely, museums are an important part of every nation because the museum is a way by which we can promote our culture in the local region at the national and international levels.

Answer 2:- Definitely, I feel museums to be important. Without museums, I don’t think people would know their own country’s various traditional arts and cultures.

Answer 3: Well, my answer is that museums are vital as it perseveres many memories regarding history. As museums are public places, it enhances the knowledge of every person.

Answer 4:- Yes museums are important as it gives information’s on the history.

Question 41:- Are there many museums in your hometown?

Answer 1:- Well in my hometown there is no museum at all because it’s not a fully developed area its a suburb area actually I know one museum which is just 35 kilometers away from me in the main Dist Ludhiana and the name of the museum is Virsat-e-Khalsa museum and it is based on Sikhism.

Answer 2:- Well, there are many museums in my hometown. Actually, I have been to one of the oldest museums in my hometown, and I find it culturally and artistically valuable.

Answer 3: No, there are no museums in my hometown, but a museum is situated far from my city. There we can see a lot of different paintings of freedom fighters, mentors of different religions.

Answer 4:- Yes, in my hometown, there was a museum of leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Question 42:- Did you often visit museums?

Answer 1:- Well, I wouldn’t say I like to visit museums because I have no interest in history and culture. I remember during my schooling, I just passed my history exam just by cramming the events.

Answer 2:- To be frank, I used to visit museums quite often in the past but nowadays I don’t have time for the visit.

Answer 3:- Truly saying I do not visit a museum because of twofold reasons. Firstly there is no museum in my hometown. Secondly, I do not have much interest in exploring history. Still, if I would get a chance, I will definitely go.

Answer 4:- I do not visit museums very often. I visit maybe once in a year or two years. However, if any different cultural exhibition is held in the museum, I visit it often.

Question 43:- When was the last time you visited a museum?

Answer 1:- I dont have an interest in museums, so I never visited them as I already told you.

Answer 2:- I think it has been nearly 3 years since my last visit to the museum. It was during my second year of college I visited one and loved it.

Answer 3:- When I was in 8th standard, our school committee organized a trip to a museum situated in Amritsar. That was the last time I visited a museum.

Answer 4:- last time I visited the museum 2years ago. I was on a trip to Rajasthan, and there were many forts and palaces in Rajasthan. I visited around 3 museums on that trip. The first one was on lord Krishna. The second was on a Maharana Pratap, and the last one was the city palace, the biggest palace of Rajasthan. It was on the history of Rajasthan.

Question 44:- Did you go to any museums when you were a child?

Answer 1:- No, I never visit any museum yet.

Answer 2:- Yes, actually, as a child, my school took all the children to a museum, and I think that is the first time I visited a museum in my childhood.

Answer 3:-  Yes, when we were in our childhood, our parents usually takes us to Golden Temple, and there is a museum where we often went.

Answer 4:- I did visit the museum when I was a child; I visited my hometown museum, Mahatma Gandhi. It was a trip to a museum held by my school.

Question 45:- Why is it boring for children to go to museums?

Answer 1:- Well in my personal opinion in early childhood children like to visit the places which are based on science fiction, or we can say which are amusing in nature like parks or picnic spots, etc. so I dont think so at such as at this level children are that much mature that they could understand the importance of history and such museums that’s why I think they found it boring.

Answer 2:- Well, I believe children are attracted to more fun and less traditional things. Hence, it is boring for children at the museum. However, I loved going to museums in my childhood.

Answer 3:- in my eye, mostly half of the children find the museum a boring place because they do not have much knowledge about the history and do not know the values and sacrifices behind this.

Answer 4:- Children like to visit parks, gardens instead of museums because they can do fun activities over there, but in the museum, they have to keep silent, follow the rules. That’s why visiting museum is a boring activity for children.

Question 46:- How can we make museums interesting for children?

Answer 1:- Well before visiting any museum, first of all, we need to tell students about the importance of museum-like we can correlate the theme of the museum with any subject like we can correlate with sst and with this children could understand they the fact that why museums are establish tanned what is the importance of the museum in their life as well as in academics also so in this way, maybe we can say maybe I must say that students could develop their interesting museums

Answer 2:- Personally, I think adding more entertaining and visual effects inside the museum can make it more interesting for the children.

Answer 3:- Actually, nowadays, children do not have much knowledge about moral and ethical values. In other words, they do know how our ancestors struggled for our freedom by providing them knowledge about this and also by converting museum according to modern technology we can develop interest among them

Answer 4: We can make museums interesting by building parks near museums. We should also do some creativity that children like. For example, we can hold competitions between children like drawing

Question 47:- What types of Tv programs do you like to watch?

Answer 1:- To be honest, I watch most television programs although I like comedy, scientific and historical programs.

Answer 2:- There are series of activities on television, but the one I enjoy most is the News Track which comes up every hour to update the public of the happenings in society.

Answer 3:- I like to watch entertaining TV programs. Also, I like competitive programs like singing competitions and dancing program competitions, and there are so many of them nowadays.

Answer 4: I don’t like to watch TV programs, but in some cases, I watch mostly news channels Discovery Channel or sometimes Kapil Sharma show

Question 48:- What benefits can people get from watching foreign TV programs?

Answer 1:- People can learn other languages, cultures as well as ethics.

Answer 2:- There are series of advantages to watching international activities on Television, for example, there will be a privilege to know the way of life in other countries, there is the opportunity of getting employment in another country of interest once there is an advertisement.

Answer 3: There are so many benefits that we get by watching a foreign program like we get to know their cultures, celebrations like their festival, how they live in their countries, and especially we can have command of their language by watching them.

Answer 4: Well, from watching foreign TV programs people can have numerous advantages to improve their communication skills. Secondly, they can have more new vocabulary words last but not.
At least they can also get to learn more about the foreign countries

Question 49:- In your country is it possible for you to watch any TV Programs in English?

Answer 1:- Definitely yes, numerous types of English programs are telecast in India. Such as English news, movie, geographic channel, etc.

Answer 2:- Yes, my country is an English-speaking nation. Therefore it is possible to have access to English programs on television. In fact, most of the TV activities are in English to carry the masses along.

Answer 3:- Yes, of course, there are so many TV channels which are available in English and so many series and movies that are going on these channels, and we can watch them in our country

Answer 4: Precisely it is straightforward for me to watch the English Channel or channels in the English language since the technology is developing at a rapid pace even instead of a single language channel in my country I can have channels in multi-languages also like there is a channel movies channel in which they are providing 3 languages Hindi English even Tamil so most of the channel is providing Bilingue will audio

Question 50:- Do you often sing?

Answer 1:- Not at all. My voice is not melodious. Thus, I avoid singing a song, but sometimes I hum it.

Answer 2:- Hmmm…. I’m a super fan of music but, unfortunately, I’m not good at singing. Therefore, I don’t usually sing, but I usually listen to songs.

Answer 3:- Yes, basically from my childhood I like singing and in my 5th class I started singing under the coaching of my Guru, and I won the competition in my school, and after that, I won many prizes in the Inter-School competitions and other competitions also.

Answer 4: No, I never sing because I know my voice is bizarre at all I remember I was preparing for my else exam during that my teacher directed me to record my own voice that time I realized how terrible my voice is even I dont have any interest in music also so I never sing

Question 51:- What do you like to sing?

Answer 1:- No, I like to listen to music, not sing. However, I try to sing a song in the bathroom.

Answer 2:- Well, as much as I don’t always sing yet, there are situations that I still need to do, even if it is just once in a while. Because of that, I do sing worship and praise song being a Christian.

Answer 3:- I like to sing old melodies and ghazals. They are so soothing, they are so heart-touching, and also they have meaning.

Answer 4: Well, in this case, sometimes I like to remind the lyrics, not the actual composition like some songs are very famous in training also so I just pick up the lines of the song and sing it or auto rate in my own way

Question 52:- Is it difficult to sign well?

Answer 1:- Without any doubt, yes, for singing required special abilities as well as melodious voice, everyone can’t sing well.

Answer 2:- Yes, it is not easy to sing accurately if you are not gifted. Singing requires some tactics through people with a nice voice. For example, if your voice is harsh, it will be tough for you to sing.

Answer 3:- No, it’s not difficult to a song in my opinion, but yes, of course, if you don’t have any teacher or guide for the guidance of singing, then it may be difficult to sing.

Answer 4:  Yeah, definitely it is challenging for me to sing very well because I don’t even know the ABC of singing, and I have because of my zero interest I never tried to, so yeah, definitely it is very difficult.

Question 53:- Do you want to be a singer?

Answer 1:- No, I haven’t dreamed about becoming a singer; singing is no piece of cake for me.

Answer 2:- No, not at all. I don’t have the gift of singing. Therefore, I don’t plan to become one.

Answer 3:- Actually, I don,t want to be a singer, but I want to sing for the whole of my life because it soothes my mind and relaxes it. It also expresses my feelings and helps me to get out of the stress.

Answer 4: See, neither I have any singing quality, nor I have interest in this feeling, so I don't think so will ever I think about becoming a singer

Question 54:- What kinds of music do you like to sing?

Answer 1:- I love to listen to Bollywood movie songs and some Hollywood album songs.

Answer 2:- As much as I don’t know how to sing yet, I have a passion for country music. I, therefore, manage to sing country music once in a while in my little way.

Answer 3:- I love to sing old Hindi music and ghazals as they always have meaning and they are so soothing, and their melodies relax my mind and make my day, and they are heart-touching also.

Answer 4:- I don’t have any knowledge about the types of music or the types of song compositions something else, but yeah, I like to sing few songs that attracts me like I am a Bangla lover, and during my performances, I learn the lyrics of the song and bits of the song sometimes.

Question 55:- What is your morning routine?

Answer 1:- Well, every morning I like to wake up early for my daily routine stuff such as firstly I go jogging afterward I like to perform gym exercises and then take a bath, later on, I go to my job.

Answer 2:- I get early at 6 a.m., then I go to walk for 30 minutes. Later, I take my bath and have my meal. After that, I go to my classes.

Answer 3:- my morning routine is that I get up early in the morning at 6 o’clock and after that, I go for running at least 30 minutes which is very beneficial for one’s life, and when I came back to my home firstly I take a bath and after that take breakfast and get ready for school.
Answer 4:- I usually wake up at around seven 7 am. And I brush my teeth, read the newspaper, go downstairs and spend, spend some time, and walk for 15 minutes and drink two glasses of water.

Question 56:- Is Breakfast important?

Answer 1:- Yeah, definitely breakfast is very important as without breakfast we can’t have enough energy to tackle the hurdles of the whole day. Moreover, breakfast includes nutrition, vitamins carbohydrates that help to remain fit and active.

Answer 2: Yes, of course, it helps us stay healthy and fit and gives them the energy to work throughout the day. Even it is scientifically proven that breakfast is pivotal for a healthy mind as well.

Answer 3:- Yes, of course, breakfast is most important for every person because when we take heavy breakfast, we got a lot of energy and do any work easily and without weakness.

Answer 4:- Yes, breakfast is important. Personally, I don’t skip breakfast. Since my childhood, I was used to eating breakfast every day. If breakfast is not available, I will take two eggs and a glass of milk. As my breakfast

Question 57:- Do you like Reading?

Answer 1:- Yeah, I do like reading books are my best friend. I think I like to read because of my passion for books.

Answer 2:- Yes, I love to read both fictional and nonfictional books and newspapers because it helps me escalate my knowledge, vocabulary, imagination, and reading skills.

Answer 3:- Yes, of course, I like reading because reading is my hobby whenever I have time, and I like to read books and read the newspaper, so it is very beneficial for every person with the help of reading books. I learn a lot of things, and I always try to give time to my hobby.

Answer 4:- Yes, I do like reading. I started reading books for the past two months. At the moment, I’m reading a book written by Norman Lewis. The name of the book is word power made easy. It is about new words and vocabulary.

Question 58:- What books do you like to read?

Answer 1:- Well, I like to read books based on drama, crime, suspense, thriller, etcetera, and biographies.

Answer 2:- I like to read all kinds of books but especially to those in which the thoughts of famous authors are written, like, Chidiya. Basically, it is in m my mother tongue, Punjabi, which means sparrows.

Answer 3:- Mostly, I like to read storybooks due to this. I increase my imagination and learn more difficult words. Whenever I have a lot of time, I mostly prefer to read historical books, which is very beneficial for my life, and I learn moral values.

Answer 4:- But as I said earlier, I am reading books for the past two months. Sometimes I read storybooks story or animation books like cartoon materials.

Question 59:- Which book did you read recently?

Answer 1:- Recently, I read a book based on a heist. The name of the book is money heist. It has 2 parts, reflecting that the lead actor of the book performs robberies and his thinking power his imagination and planning were totally outstanding.

Answer 2:- Recently, I read the second sex by seaman; it was written in 1949, and the writer explains the concept of feminism and the situation of women in the 20th century.

Answer 3:- I read several books in my life but here I would like to talk about which I recently read a book that book is based on one princess who is very beautiful a few days ago between covid-19 I felt alone, and I get bored, and after that, I try to read one very interesting book and imagination book I felt very contentment on that time because in that book describe that Cinderella always wears beautiful clothes and matching footwears which looks gorgeous and her prince also looks very handsome, and that was a very interesting and romantic story.

Answer 4:- The book I read recently is two books. Normal ladies write one. Football made easy. And the other one is the book written by Krishnamurthy about how to reach a high position.

Question 60:- What did you learn from it?

Answer 1:- Oh yeah, I learn a lot of things from a book like I got complex words, and then it develops my imagination power; it taught me the importance of planning before doing any task and the ways of planning how we can think everything in advance how we can tackle the totally unforeseen problems.

Answer 2:- I learned a lot of things from it. For sleep, the quality between both standards is important; both men and women must be equally treated. Secondly, there is a need to break society’s stereotype because it is a kind of Mentally torture.

Answer 3: I learned many things from that book; the most important thing is how we love each other and how we care for other people, and I also learn that love is very important for everyone’s life.

Answer 4:- Krishna, an ordinary person who climbed into the company’s top position. He wrote how we, how we reach to that place, to the high place. They are often silent on so many roads, some difficult words even I have never heard of it. I wanted so many ways, but I never came aboard this type of word. And then from the book written by the customer. I came to know how we should do hard work in our life to reach a high-level position from a normal position to the Board of Directors in a big MNC.

Question 61:- Why do parents make children read books at an early age?

Answer 1:- I think books are the good friends of human beings. They can learn a lot of things from them, and it also helps develop children Academically so I think for this motive parents like children should involve themselves in pieces of training.

Answer 2:- There are several reasons for it. In the modern era, there is cutthroat competition, and parents want to prepare their kids for future circumstances in their education. They want to use their imagination power to make their mind more creative.

Answer 3:- Parents make children read storybooks as that the increase your vocabulary as well as the increase your pronunciation and they do not face any problem in the future regarding their region moreover children learn a lot of difficult words in early age because in that age they have a sharp mind and they catch easily.

Answer 4:- Usually, parents make children read your book in early life because it improves their vocabulary and thinking capability. Basically, books take you to the imaginary world, especially the storybooks, which will enable you thinking skill.  and Learning capability

Question 62:- Why was your favorite book as a child?

Answer 1:- When I was a child I found reading as a very boring task the time I have no interest in this at all I like visual lyrics actually I develop this interest when I survey from miles when I need to increase my English but that I got a huge interest in reading now every night I like to read something new.

Answer 2:- My favorite book was Childhood written by Surjit Kaur. she is a famous writer of my state, and in her books, there was one poem, and I still remember a few lines of it which means childhood is vibrant and enjoy as much as you can until it passes and these lines really touched the bottom of my heart.

Answer 3:- I love storybooks because  I imagined that story in my life. One day, I also wear beautiful gowns, beautiful frocks and put a hairband on my head and matching footwear. Every person told me that you are looking beautiful and always imagine that type of story that feels my happiness.

Answer 4:- Favourite book in my childhood is. Simon wrote it; you see his company in the United States, I didn’t exactly remember its name, but it is an animation book. I love to read it; it contains some animations like Marvel Comics and Marvel Comics and some Tom jerry cartoons.

Question 63:- Should reading be a compulsory activity for children at school?

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely even in many schools and curriculum reading is compulsory the main aim is to develop their interest in academics.

Answer 2:- Yes, in my perspective, reading should be mandatory in schools because it is beneficial for making them creative enhance their vocabulary.

Answer 3:- Yes of course according to my opinion should be reading is three acts in every Institute because of that people boost up their confidence and learn a lot of reading skills with the help of their friends and with the help of the teachers so as that they also make an interest in their reading.

Answer 4:- Yes, it is a mandatory habit for children. Because, as I said earlier, it improves their capability to think much more than that. And many famous people say that reading is a must activity for anyone, if you take, for instance, if we take Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett reads five types of newspaper in a day, and Bill Gates reads one book per day.

Question 64:- What scenery can you see from the windows where you live?

Answer 1:- Since I live in a suburban area, my house is surrounded by beautiful farms, so whenever I open my window, I saw scenic views, especially at dusk and dawn.

Answer 2:-The first thing I see from my window is trees and green lawn and a Birds nest on the mango tree. If I look deep, I could see the neighbors roaming around the road in front of my house.

Answer 3:- Many things surround my house, which I always see once I take a glimpse look through my window. But one set stands out, which is the resort; this place always caught my attention. It is a place where people from far and near do come for relaxation and entertainment. The way this location is decorated will definitely tempt you to visit if you see it.

Answer 4:- I have a double-story home, and my room is on the first floor. The outside view from the window of my room is actually very alluring. I can see the people moving from here to there on the street, and there is a park opposite to my home, and  I watch children playing in it.

Question 65:- Is there good scenery in cities?

Answer 1:- I am not sure about this because as much I know the cities are very congested and most of the time we can see just tall buildings, skyscrapers and all, so I don’t think so there could be scenic views but yes some areas of cities are well developed, and at some places, we can have such views.

Answer 2:-In Cities, we cannot find any sceneries, in particular, we need to move to the city’s outskirts or the countryside to see the sceneries more.

Answer 3:- Hmmm, yes, but not as common as a developing town. There is no much free land to plant trees and flowers to make the environment serene. Life in the cities is not peaceful; it is full of noise from every angle. You can only see and feel serenity in the city area like an estate or government reserved area.

Answer 4:- Yes, definitely there is much good use in cities like lakes, CanalGardens market and especially, sunset.

Question 66:- Is there good scenery in your hometown?

Answer 1:- Yeah, I have told you early that I live in the county side. Hence, there are many stunning views in my locality such as from my own farms I can have views of sunset and sunrise in the early morning and the evening apart from this horticulture is also at an advanced level where I can have a view of every kind of flower and such views are literally adorable.

Answer 2:-Yes! We need to travel a bit far from my hometown Kakinada, where we have ‘Abhaya Aranya Forest,’ here we can see green lush sceneries and Hilltops and more.

Answer 3:- Definitely yes! My hometown is a growing-up place with quietness. There is no struggle before you get to any destination because of the availability of bicycles and bikes. We have all sorts of trees in nearly all the houses of my hometown likewise stream. There are flowing streams here and there, which makes all the green grasses look beautiful always.

Answer 4:- Yes, of course, there are many good sceneries in my hometown like Harike Pattan, it is the river, and it is lovely. In other words, I can say that it is the lap of nature and there are famous Gardens like the sunflower garden; it looks wonderful.

Question 67:- Do you like to take pictures of good scenery?

Answer 1:- Well, I am not a photoholic person, so I don’t like to take pictures of myself or anything else, but I like to enjoy the time like sometimes we see a good scene and we like to capture it in the form of a picture I don’t like to waste my time in these kinds of stuff rather I like to enjoy the moment.

Answer 2:-Yes! I like to capture scenic beauties. Wherever I go, these scenic beauties are a feast to the eyes—especially green hilltops if it has scenic views.

Answer 3:- Taking pictures is one of my hobbies; this is not for faction’s sake but to keep all memorable events and vicinities alive. One of the pictures I enjoyed taking most is a good environment. What I like most in capturing a good set is the natural look because I love everything that looks natural.

Answer 4:- Yes, I really love to capture good views because It helped me create and save more memories. Moreover, it gives me the feel of Trans quality.

Question 68:- When you travel, do you like to live in hotels with scenic views?

Answer 1:- Precisely well it is a pervasive phenomenon everyone like to have a room in the hotel from where he can have scenic views I remember last time I was in Manali and I stayed in a hotel and from my hotel room I can saw most of the valleys of Manali and that was the splendid view for me.

Answer 2:-Yes! If those places are famous for Scenic beauties, I prefer to book Hotel which has a great scenic view. Recently I visited Coorg where I Booked Hotel near the lake which Has a great scenic view in the morning. I felt overjoyed after seeing nature’s beauty.

Answer 3:- I have actually conceived this idea long before now that once I have the privilege that I would definitely like to hang in a hotel with scenic looks because of the natural environment. I am a solitary person, and I enjoy it most when alone in a natural environment. I long to have a chance of living in a hotel with beautiful views very soon.

Answer 4:-To be fair and square, it depends on my budget. Whenever I have a good amount of money, I always go to those hotels where I can watch the roads clearly watch the vehicles on the road. I dont know why some people find it hilarious, but it acts and as a stress buster, and it is my favorite view to watch.

Question 69:- How would you define happiness?

Answer 1:-Well in my personal opinion happiness means self-satisfaction like if you talk about people, nowadays people are having a lot of wealth money that we can say everything that normal people imagine. However, still, fluent people are not satisfied, so the main concept of happiness is complacent.

Answer 2:- It is one thing to be joyous while it is another thing to be happy. To be happy simply means a sign of fulfillment that comes from within. Happiness does not necessarily mean that you have material things. Meaning that you can be happy when you don’t have anything. Happiness gives hope; it deals with the future, unlike joy that is temporal and comes from what you have at the moment. Happiness simply means peace of mind.

Answer 3: I would always see happiness as an internal part of the body; happiness comes from what you like the most do in your routine life and your interest.

Answer 4:- Well, for me, happiness is playing cricket, watching favorite series, and doing the thing we love; it gives us happiness.

Question 70:- What kinds of things make people in your country happy?

Answer 1:-Well, for me, psychological satisfaction is most important. Still, as much I notice, things that make most people happy are like delicious cuisines traveling to Hills chatting with friends or I can say the club parties and all.

Answer 2:- Many things bring about happiness in Nigeria, my country. When government does anything to relieve the masses from unnecessary hardship, there will be happiness. For instance, free education for the primary and secondary students caused super happiness when they announced it. Furthermore, instant job availability for the fresh graduates is one of the things that cause happiness in my country.

Answer 3:- Well, It depends on the age of groups, if I am talking about children they are most interested in playing the computer game and on the other side Adult would like to hang out with friends and shopping playing sports, on the other hand, older people would love seating in the garden and listing old song, reading the newspapers.

Answer 4:- I think teenagers are happier if they get a new gadget or bike on their birthdays. Promotions for working people and good grades for students make them happy.

Question 71:- Do you think money can make people happy?

Answer 1:-as I already stated, money is nothing in front of her; it’s just a means by which we can set 5 want our needs but not satisfaction; again, I’m saying the name concept offset section tablets they achieve self e esteem needs.

Answer 2:-Hmmm, even though money settles many things, I don’t agree that money can make people happy because for the following reasons: firstly, at the hospital, many rich men and women are dying of various ailments, they have money, but they cannot use it to buy happiness. The best thing someone can have from the money is temporary happiness which is joy.

Answer 3:- Amm I think this is a most debatable point in society, well money is important in life, but money could buy every is a fact of life, Money will provide you luxury lifestyle and many things In life.

Answer 4:- Yes, money can make people happy as it will solve most of their problems. With the money, they can buy new things in their life.

Question 72:- Are people in your country happier now than they were 30 years old?

Answer 1:-Well if I compare today’s generation with the generation back, I must say those people were happier than today because there was no money, no love, only below, only the relationship. Still, nowadays, everyone is just behind money blindfold. Once they achieve one goal, they move to another one, then another one like this they are just moving b aimlessly, but previously people had only am to make their family happy and spend good time with them with their own family.

Answer 2:- No, I don’t want to agree with that. I am a person of over forty years of age, and I can say a bit about thirty years ago of the nation. Then there was not much hustling and bustling in my country like it is now. There was peace of mind in society. The economy was very okay then. Unlike now, there was nothing like kidnapping as a business some thirty years back. Emphatically, I can say that people are no happier now than some years back.

Answer 3:- Definitely Yes, As I compared infrastructure is developing now which was not develop before in my country and Also Government is most crucial strategically behind the nation planning. Also basic things more frequent getting easily current time. Like public transport, hotels, Grocery stores, and many more.

Answer 4:- At the moment, people are not happy. Due to the pandemic, some lost jobs and business and experienced low time in their life.

Question 73:- Why do some people say happiness never lasts long?

Answer 1:-Well, in this case, I would like to talk about those people who look after their happiness in material things like one says if I have iPhone, then I’ll be the happiest person in this world once he attains this cool he satisfies his need then again move to another one so they are just in search of happiness even they are having more than they want so in this way I think they can never be happy and happiness would not last for long.

Answer 2:- Hmmm, there is nothing that lasts long not to talk of happiness in life. Being happy is a state of mind. For instance, if you are being done well before and something terrible happens to you, the happiness may suddenly go dim or rather fade out. Therefore, I also want to believe that happiness never lasts long, but I agree that it can be resuscitated.

Answer 3:- Well, I can say that its all depend on people mind and how to they living in their life, how they take up things in their life, As I experienced Life will give always batter chance to live happily.

Answer 4:- I think happiness is very valuable; that is why it won’t last long.

Question 74:- What do you do when you feel unhappy?

Answer 1:-Whenever I see any people unhappy, I would like to help them. I would like to motivate them and always try to let them realize what actually happiness means in this way I think sometimes I make many people happy and nowadays they are very successful in life even happier than before-they are happier than before best I think it the best way to make anyone happy She is sad.

Answer 2: Life is full of ups and downs; some moments, one will be happy while some other time when one be downcast. Music is a strong tool in those periods; all I do is look for one of my best pieces of music to inspire myself, country music (Don Williams) to be precise. One other thing I do is look for one of my girlfriends who happens to be a counselor for advice.

Answer 3:- That is a good question; when I feel low and unhappy, I would like to keep myself in silent mode, and I tried to read my favorite book, or I have been starting to watch Funny shows.

Answer 4:- Well, when I am unhappy, I will watch some youtube motivational videos; they help me get out of depression and sadness.

Question 75:- How do people in your country celebrate the new year?

Answer 1:-Indian people love to celebrate festivals, especially the new year and Diwali; on the morning of the new day, people go to the temple and later meet relatives while children enjoy delicious dishes and sweets.

Answer 2:- Every age of people enjoys New Year’s events because it does not belong to any religion; it is a social activity. So In our city usually many young people visit the sea view and celebrate with their own style.

Answer 3:- January 1 marks the beginning of every New Year. Therefore it is reckoned to be a special period for a special celebration in my country. It is a period when people dine and wine together. The new year period is when both private and public organizations do close for holidays for workers to have time to celebrate with their family and friends. This is a season when people usually go on vacation with their families to have a nice time together.

Answer 4:- civilians of my country celebrate the new year with their beloved once with firecrackers and sweet. On the new year day, people visit temples to receive blessings from the lord also visit their elder’s house to take their blessings.

Question 76:- How do you celebrate New Year?

Answer 1:-I start my new year by getting blessings from god and family members; in the night, I love the crackers show.

Answer 2:- Actually, the New Year celebration is not at the government level in our country. Citizens enjoy celebrating with own level, so I am also celebrating the New year party with my friends.

Answer 3:- I have two major celebrations of the year, including my birthday and the new year. However, the first celebration is the new year. It is a period which I have programmed for visiting my parents in the village. I have never celebrated the new year in the city. It is the only time I have to visit all my old-time friends in the village.

Answer 4:- I celebrate the new year by taking blessings from my parents, grandparents, and older relatives. Also, I ate sweets and firecrackers.

Question 77:- Have you ever celebrated the New year that you still remember?

Answer 1:-Well, yes, last year, corona pandemics, we hadn’t celebrated that new year, but 2 years ago, I went to my cousin’s house with my family. I really enjoy that year’s celebration; whenever I think about that time, all memory bring back.

Answer 2:- Two years ago I celebrated the new year at the sea view. That was my first new year after my marriage. So it was memorable for me because I am with my husband in his sports car. N also, he was won a car race.

Answer 3:- Mmmm…. Yes, I was eighteen years old when I newly graduated from high school. Then, it was double celebrations together with my colleagues. We decided to go to the beach to have fun together. Lo and behold, while people were rejoicing and celebrating at amusement parks, we were at the beach swimming. But, because of our inexperience in this exercise, one of us drown, and we eventually lost him. It was a memorable New year celebration that I cannot forget in a hurry.

Answer 4:- Once I celebrated new year when I was a kid. on New Year’s Eve, I fired lots of crackers with my brothers. Also, I waked up early in the morning to firecrackers again. Then I wore new clothes and visited the temple with my parents. I took blessings from god. I came back and visited my uncle’s house; they gave me some money and blessings.

Question 78:- Why do people think that the New year is a new beginning?

Answer 1:- Majority of people exhausted and bored by their routine life, new year give them to start new journey chance and layman set the goals that they attempt to accomplish in the future.

Answer 2:- Yes. Many of them believe the new year comes with new hopes. So all over the world, people prayers for the upcoming year.

Answer 3:- I think the basic reason is that it begins with the first day and the first month of the year. More so, the word new simply means fresh; therefore, people believe that it is a fresh beginning for every year’s activity. It is a season when you look back and learn from past mistakes to correct yourself to avert any future errors.

Answer 4:- The new year brings new hope to everyone’s life. People are celebrating the new year and thinking about a new start from the past, so many years, so basically, we are continuing our rituals.

Question 79:- Do you enjoy your current stage of life?

Answer 1:- Yes, currently I am in the student phase, and I haven’t any family responsibilities or bourdon; thus, I cherish this stage of my life.

Answer 2:- Yes, I am currently a student and thoroughly enjoying this stage of life. Right now, I just have to think about getting into a good college. I have some personal responsibilities but don’t have to worry about finances, getting a job, buying a house. I think life becomes busy, and responsibilities become bigger when you start working.

Answer 3:- Yes, I’m definitely enjoying my current stage of life, and I’m delighted with what I have achieved till now.

Answer 4:-yes, I am enjoying my current stage of life. This is the stage when I can make friends and hang out with
them and can have the most fun of my life.

Question 80:- In what stage of your life were you the happiest?

Answer 1: In my childhood, I probably haven’t any responsibility to just enjoy my life, no study burden.

Answer 2:- I enjoyed my childhood stage because, at that stage, I was free of all responsibilities. I had only a few words, such as study and games.

Answer 3:- It’s a bit tricky question, and as well as interesting fierce Queen I enjoyed most of my childhood days very happy as everything can be taken care of by elders .what I’m not saying now I’m not happy, but things should go these are part and parcel of the life.

Answer 3:- Teenage stage was the happiest stage of my life when I had very little stress and lots of fun.

Question 81:- Which stage of your life do you think is the most important?

Answer 1:- I think the adult phase of life is paramount for almost everyone’s life; in this time, we decide what to in the future and set our life path.

Answer 2:- Every stage of life is essential, but I think young adult years are most important because, during this stage, we take some important decisions that can make or spoil our life.

Answer 3:- I strongly believe teenage is the most important age or stage in your life cause that is a tricky age where you can make me a good person or a bad person. I strongly believe elders should guide this age and of course, we have a lot of energy in this edge we can think anything we can achieve at this stage of life.

Answer 3:- Adulthood is the most important stage of life. As we have to decide our career also, we have to make the most important decisions in our life.

Question 82:- What’s your plan for your next stage of life?

Answer 1:- I have completed my graduation; I want to go to Canada for my further studies and settle there after my education.

Answer 2:- I want to graduate from a good college and find a well-paying satisfactory job. I would like to help my parents financially and also pay off my student loans. I also want to achieve a work-life balance and find time for my hobbies.

Answer 3:- Oh, very interesting I mean, I don’t have any plans, but if you ask me, I want to enjoy as much as I can and as much as I can earn and live happily. Follow the flow of life.

Answer 3:- I want to live in town lifestyle I already lived in the city I enjoyed there a lot but now I want to explore town lifestyle.

Question 83:- Which part of your country do you want to live in?

Answer 1:- I love my hometown, Surat, and I like to live where I live right now with my family; most of my friends and relatives also live in surat that is also another reason for that.

Answer 2:- I like to live in Anand. Anand is the capital of Gujarat and is a very beautiful, clean, well-planned city. I am from a small town, ‘smarkha’ in Anand, and during my summer break, I used to visit my grandparents in Anand. I fell in love with this city, and after I graduate, I want to find a job in Anand and settle there.

Answer 3:- My hometown, Kakinada, where I grew up and completed my education and all, and I feel happy if I live in my hometown. As loving people around you will surround you.

Answer 4:- I  like to live in Ludhiana Punjab. This is this industrial hub of punab

Question 84:- What makes you feel proud of your country?

Answer 1:- In ancient times, my country considers as richest territory; the famous name for it is the golden sparrow; our many citizens migrations other countries and play a pivotal role for that country. For instance, in NASA, roughly half the proportion of employees’ origins in India.

Answer 2:- Yes, I am very proud of my country. It’s full of diversity and has so many religions, languages, customs, and festivals. It’s a beautiful country blessed with the majestic Himalayas, sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, and so many ancient forts and palaces. People from all over the world come to visit The Taj Mahal.

Answer 3:- Diversity I can say we are the largest domestic countries with different kinds of cultures and religions and casts diversity is the biggest thing we have I’m very proud of the diversity of my country we have different languages different cultures everything from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Unity in diversity is the biggest asset of our country.

Answer 4:- Diversity in my country is the thing that makes me proud.

Question 85:- Do you know the history of your country well?

Answer 1:- Without any doubt, yes, I learned it from my primary school and my parents.

Answer 2:- Yes, India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and is a fusion of various cultures and traditions. The history of India begins with the Indus Valley Civilization and the coming of the Aryans. Throughout its history, its rich land has attracted outsiders like Moguls, British, etc. India became Independent in August 1947 after the efforts of people like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose.

Answer 3:- Yes, of course, I know the history. We have a rich history from centuries ago we were ruled by a lot of people lot of invasions happened. We are the oldest civilized countries globally, and if you ask me, my country’s history starts from Indus Valley civilizations, and we got independence from bruiser’s. We have great leaders like Subash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi, and all.

Answer 4:-  Yes I do the history of my country very well I have studied for almost 5 to 6 years in history also all the festivals in my country have their history.

Question 86:- Will you stay in India in the future?

Answer 1:- Unfortunately, no, as I said earlier, I plan to go to Canada, and if I like there, then settle there.

Answer 2:- Yes, I plan to stay in India in the future. I will go abroad for my graduate studies but plan to come back to India after graduation. All my family and relatives are here, and they are very important to me. I also feel that India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. I can find a good job and financially do better here.

Answer 3:- Of course, I want to stay in my country future because I like my country as I grew up here and I love my country, but I don’t have any plans to settle in other parts of the world.

Answer 4:- Yes I would come back to India after some time I have plans for my future life in India.

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