As Housing Is a Basic Need for People

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As housing is a basic need for people, the government should provide free housing for everyone who can’t afford it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Every human being has three basic needs: food, shelter and clothes. Although all must be fulfilled, predominant is providing accommodation to needy people that catches more attention. So I completely agree that the regime should provide free housing for destitute people as they are a citizen of a country and incapable of purchasing a home and another point is to solve the problem of homelessness.
First off, it is a very pity for a country to develop or develop if its people live on footpaths and roads. So, here it is the government’s responsibility to provide homes to helpless people who are downtrodden because they have no jobs, and they earn their bread and butter by begging and doing labour work on daily wages. How can they purchase a home? Besides, sometimes if they sleep hungry and having their own home remains a dream for them, so in that case, it is the first responsibility of the government to provide residential places to these people. For example, it has been telecast many times in Asian countries that poverty can be seen in slum areas, and the situation becomes worse when motorists kill them due to living in an unsafe place.
Moreover, as people of any nation contribute to escalating a nation’s economy, the masses pay tax on time, so I think there is no extra burden on the government to provide free housing to needy people. Government can help them by creating jobs according to the abilities and provide them with loan facility. So that needy people can pay the amount smoothly. With taxpayers’ help and providing a loan scheme, this underprivileged section can be helped, and they can live with pride at the own home. For instance, there many schemes such as Apna Ghar, and miserable people can also avail themselves the opportunity with the Government’s help.
Furthermore, countries are known by their people. If people’s living standard is healthy, then the country makes advances and its reputation all over the world is also enhanced. So the government of any country must have some privileges to these people.
To conclude, in my perspective, the government should provide free houses to people who live below the poverty line. To reduce the government’s financial burden, help can be provided in loans that the masses can repay at low instalments. This will curb the problem of homelessness, and people can live with a sense of pride in their homes.

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