IELTS UP- Reading Practice, Listening Test, Speaking Cue Cards, Writing Task 2 Topics

Ieltsfever is a website that helps you to up your IELTS score. It is a free study guide that helps students practice for the academic module of IELTS. Along with reading practice and listening tests, this website offers various other resources for academic writing tasks such as task 1 and task 2 topics. Learners can also find different cue cards to help them prepare for speaking assessments which include discussion questions. This website provides data free of cost and an excellent option for those who wish to up their IELTS score in different modules. 

IELTS UP- Reading Practice, Listening Test, Speaking Cue Cards, Writing Task 2 Topics

IELTS UP- Reading Practice

In the reading module, one thing is the most important to up your band score: practice more and more, and one day you will obtain your desired score. Here we provide you reading practice test for both ( academic students + general students) to achieve a good score.

Academic Reading Practice Test

If you are an academic student and want to clear it on the first attempt, this website is the right place for you. Here we uploaded numerous of reading practice test that helps you to fulfill your dream. To find a reading practice test click on the below link.


General Reading Practice Test

If you are preparing for a general exam of IELTS, here is a solution to your problem. The below link provides you with material related to the general practice test of the reading module. Practice that test and hope you will achieve your dream score because it is well said that practice makes a man perfect.


IELTS UP-Listening Test

The listening test conducts the same in both categories( academic and general ). The central notion of conducting a listening test in IELTS is to assess your listening ability. On the Ieltsfever website, you can get information about the listening test and acquire knowledge about clearing the listening test to up score band. We will share a link below with you where you can quickly get the listening practice test for the academic and general exams.


IELTS UP- Speaking Cue Cards

Speaking test is the face-to-face conversation between test taker or examiner .this test conducts to check your ability to speak the English language. Examiner assesses your ability with different categories like fluency, grammatical range, lexical resources, cohesion, and pronunciation. The Ieltsfever website offers you a variety of cue card lists and discussion questions that will help you clear your exam and up your band score. Click on the link below to get a sample answer to the speaking cue cards.


IELTS UP- Writing Task 2 Topics

The writing module is divided into two parts first one is task 1, and the second one is task 2. task 2 is almost the same in both cases, academic and general. Whereas task 1 is different, academic students perform report writing in task 1, but general category students have to answer a letter. On the website Ieltsfever, you get material related to both task 1 and task on the below link and get writing task 2 topics that help you improve or up your writing mark.

For academic students 


For General test-takers


We put all our effort to help you score your band up, so do practice with our website and fulfill your dream score. Keep practicing to get a higher band in IELTS. Best of luck!

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