An Important Equipment You Use at Home IELTS EXAM

An important equipment or An equipment you use at home:

  • How you got it (or, who bought it)?
  • What you use it for?
  • How often do you use it?

There are many types of equipment in my abode, and I use them for different tasks, but today I would like to talk about the grass cutter machine, which I use to cut the grass in the lawn of my house. 🏡

I am fond of gardening, and that’s why I made a small yard on the front side of my home. The lawn is surrounded by different kinds of flowers, which add to the beauty of the lawn as well as the house. 🌼🌷

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It was very difficult to cut the grass with a hand cutter, so I purchased a grass cutter machine from Madho company. It cost 4000 rupees. 💰 I cut the grass once a week, mostly on a holiday when I am free from my work.

This machine not only helps me to maintain my garden but also saves my time. It works both manually and on electricity. 🔌 It has a big box in front of it, and when I operate it to cut the grass, the grass automatically falls into the box, so there is no need to clean the lawn after cutting the grass. 🌱➡️📦 Therefore, it is a useful tool for me, which helps me to pursue my hobby. 🛠️🌿

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