IELTSFever Cue Card Example a Polite Person

A polite person or Describe a polite person who you know.

  • Who is the person?
  • How do you know him/her?
  • And explain why you think this person is polite?

I know many people; some of them are very polite, and some are very rude. Politeness is a very good quality 🌼. I would like to talk about a very polite person whom I know.

This polite person is my teacher, Ms. Pawandeep Kaur 📚. She is very polite by nature. I know her very well because she taught me from my BCA 1st year to the Final year.

She always told me to work hard and be a good person in this world 🌍. She always taught me that if we work hard, then we will pass any examination of life, as well as study 🎓.

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According to me, my teacher Ms. Pawandeep Kaur is a polite person because she speaks to everyone with love and politeness 💬. She is very close to me and always told me to go further in life 🚀. She gives respect to all and love to all ❤️. She has no evils like anger or rudeness 😇.

She always helps me in study as well as to make notes on any subject 📝. She also helps other students by giving them course books which they are not able to buy 📚. She likes me a lot, and I also love my teacher 💖.

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She is the head of our college’s computer department 💻. She uses “Ji” to call everyone. That’s why she is a polite person known to me.

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