IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 567 Recent IELTS Exam Tests

IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 567 Recent Exam Tests Must Read These Instructions before participating in Exam.

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IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 567

Academic Writing Task 1

The tables below show people’s reasons for giving up smoking and when they intend to give up. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The tables below show people's reasons for giving up smoking, and when they intend to give up


General Writing Task 1

You have decided to leave your current job and look for a new one. Write a letter to a friend. In your letter

  • Explain why you want to leave your current job
  • Describe what kind of job you are looking for
  • Ask for some help or advice

General / Academic Writing Task 2

Many believe that it is important to protect all wild animals, while others think that it is important to protect some, not all of them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Part 1 Apps

Question 1. What apps have you used recently?

Question 2. What apps would you like to use in the future?

Question 3. How much time do you spend on these apps?

Question 4. Which mobile apps do you use?

Question 5. Which ones do you want to use?

Question 6. Which ones are popular in your country?

Question 7. Do you want to make an app?

Question 8. What was the first app you used?

Question 9. Do older adults in your country like to use apps?

Part 2 Cue Card

Talk about something important that has been kept in your family for a long time.

  • What is it,
  • When your family had it,
  • How your family got it,
  • why it is important for your family

Part 3 Questions

  1. Which do you think are better, old things or new things?
  2. Why do you think people keep these things?
  3. As well as family photographs, what are some other things that people keep in their family for a long time?
  4. In your culture, what sorts of things do people often pass down from generation to generation? (Why?)
  5. What are the benefits (= what is the value/what is the importance) of keeping some old things in the family?
  6. Do you think it’s good to recall the past?

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