IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 38 (21-10-2020) 

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IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 38 (21-10-2020) 

Must Read These Instructions before participating in Exam

The answer to each and every question is mandatory otherwise we will not accept it. Send your answers to [email protected] with your name, city along with the question ( in the subject field of email), and must send us the answer within 24 hours of the question.  We will not respond to late answers and without a name, question no answer will be considered.

Academic Writing Task 1

The two pie charts below show the percentages of industry sectors’ contribution to the economy of Turkey in 2000 and 2016. 

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

General  Writing Task

You relocated to a new country for work. Write to your previous co-worker. In your letter

– Tell him/her where you live in the new country
– Describe how you feel
– Explain what you are doing at work
– Invite him/her for a visit.

General/ Academic Writing Task 2

Some people think that it is fine for professional sportsmen and sportswomen to misbehave on or off the field, as long as they are playing well. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Academic /General speaking

Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in.

You should say
Who you talked with?
When you had the conversation?
What was the topic?
And explain why you were not interested?

IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 38 (21-10-2020) 

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3 thoughts on “IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 38 (21-10-2020) ”

  1. Vipan Kumar

    The given pie charts illustrate the contribution of different sectors to economy of turkey.

    Overall, the contribution of construction, manufacturing , and trade, utilities was follow an upward trend while agriculture, leisure and hospitality was followed downward trend.

    In the first pie chart, There is a significant proportion of contribution by agriculture sectors to the economy of turkey in 2000.The contribution of health and education sector to economy was remained same in 2000 and 2016. In 2016,Construction sector was given 7% more contribution to economy compare to 2000.

    The contribution of agriculture was decline in 2016 was recorded at14%.The contribution of finance, business(3%), and manufacturing sector(4%) was increased in 2016 compare to 2000.The Government income contribution was fall down in 2016 compared to 2000.

  2. Vipan Kumar

    Some people reckon that the misbhave of popular sports player is okay till there performance is good. I disagree with this statement.In this essay, i will discuss some reason why misbhave of players is not good.

    There are some reason, why insulting of someone by players is not Apporipate.The love between sports players and common people enhance the country reputation.professional player play sports to make the Ruptition of their country along with own.If they misbhave with media and common people on ground or outside on public place. As a result, they are ruining the respect of the country as well as their own.

    Moving further, if player misbhave with individual before retirement and after retirement Will directly impact on their income. They didn’t get any income source to full fill the daily requirements. Advertiser company don’t want to promote their products through Misbhaveing player and neither any team want to play with misbehaving person. As a result, Players lose source of income, if they disrespect common man and lose trust of individual fans.

    In conclusion, misbehaving by professional player on ground or outside will affect relationship between fans and player. Player will lose their profession career and source of income.

  3. Vipan Kumar

    I had many conversation in my life. whenever i get chance of conversation, i like to participate, because through conversation we get to know about more and more about people and also helpful to collect more information here , i would like to talk about a time, when i am not interested on a topic.

    one month ago, my whole family went to attend my cousin brother’s wedding. We all cousins enjoyed alot. we all dance together and ate together. At 10 o’clock party was over. now some relatives gone back their home and my family decide to stay at night on my relatives house. sometimes after my uncle started talking about the impact of coronavirus on our business and education of children. I don’t want to talk about this topic, because during whole lockdown period i have talked enough,so i don’t want to listen again.But i had to listen again this boring conversation, because i can’t ignore the family and relatives. After 15 mins, i take permission from whole group members telling schedule of sleeping.

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