Having more money and less free time is better than earning

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Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money and having more free time. Discuss both views and state your opinion

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In this contemporary world, it is undoubtedly true that it is better to possess more money and limited vacant time. Some people concur that having more spare time and earning less money. However, I quibble with them and propound that money and time both have a significant role in one’s life.


Adequate pieces of evidence are obtainable to substantiate the concept of having more money and less free time. The top-notch concrete reason is it not only buys the luxuries of life but helps you to lead a happy and smooth experience. You can buy any comfort in the world to soothe your life. You can fulfill all the dreams of yours as well as your family’s. The age between 25-50 is the right age to achieve your life goals and save as much money as you can to utilize it at a later age. Another rationale that hauls me to the patron is seeing your family happy, enjoying all the comforts of life. It gives you relaxation on your part that your devotion is worthwhile. Exempting family on behalf of earning money is not getting wasted. What is half full to some may appear half empty to others. In general, the public tends to distinguish that more free time and fewer earnings are better, which has multifarious reasons.


To commence with, some people deem that money cannot buy happiness. Moreover, your place cannot be compensated by cash in your dear one’s life. Where you can stand by your family, money cannot act as your substitute. Materialistic things can give you a luxurious life, but they cannot share your sorrows. For that, you need to have a person beside you to listen to you or advise you to move ahead without any hindrance so that you may not get stumble in life. For instance, on the birthday of a 5-year-old daughter, a real gift can be her father along with her to make it more special, not any luxury item. Withal they also upload that while running a rat race, people often ignore their essential meals of the day, which may have detrimental effects on their health. It is rightly said that “health is wealth” if you are not fit enough to do the job, you cannot run a long way. You should be strong enough to do the workload. Physical weaknesses can become a hindrance in your way. Consequently, you cannot gain the aim of your life.


In recapitulation, I reiterate that innumerable factors support that alone money or alone time cannot bring fame or happiness in one’s life. There should be a balance of both to live a happy life.

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Nowadays, most people think that ability to pay their bills is when due is paramount. Thus they tend to focus more on work as they generate income through this channel and spend less time relaxing and socializing. In comparison, some opined that earning less money and having more time for leisure activities is vital for good well being. In the following paragraphs, l shall discuss both views before reaching a logical conclusion.


Firstly, money, either in cash or property balance, has positive impacts on our lives daily. Without it, we cannot live a comfortable life as it is used to acquire things we use daily, such as food, water, shelter, and other miscellaneous expenses.


However, life will be more stress-free if we have a massive amount of cash in our possession to meet our daily financial obligations. On the other hand, we should accept that there will be less time for socializing, which is critical to handle when it comes to the family level. Furthermore, most people who earn less income and still give their maximum time to enjoy their families and friends result in a satisfying life.


To Recapitulate briefly, Wealth cannot buy happiness and healthy relations. People who earn lower income and create time for socializing with their families and loved ones are better than those who earn higher incomes but have less time hanging out with their friends and loved ones.

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1 thought on “Having more money and less free time is better than earning”

  1. -For daily bread and butter , and for betterment of life , money plays climacteric role to fulfill the rudimentary needs – food , clothes , shelter- in life. Some folk asserts that person with more spare time and considerably lower

    income than other individuals are not much better as others are. While other oppose this view. It is undoubted that money can alleviate majority of hindrances in life, still the ones which are left unresolved play extraordinary role in the voyage of life.

    To commence with, if individual have more leisure time then they can spend that time with their friends and family members which help them to strengthens their bond . In addition to this, people with much spare time can do creativity which help them to show their skills in front of other persons. Folk have more energy when they are free then they can do things in a positive way . To cite an example, in spare time people can do painting which enhance and enjoy their interpersonal skills and hobbies oderly.

    On the other hand, money is not equivalent to God , so each and everything can not buy with money such as respect , feelings , knowledge , name but a few. But money can make plebeian life more luxurious . They can comfort their life as they want. For instance, parents can teach their pupils in well-reputed school which help them to bright their future. Last but not least , individuals with more income can invest their money to get profit along with that people can do some voluntary work like charity, social welfare etcetera.

    In conclusion, I reckon that though money help people to enjoy their life . Money cannot make person happy while , free time make individuals lazy and lethargic so there must be a right balance between working hours and leisure hours to experience a more fulfilling lives .

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