IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 81 ( 2-4-2021)

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The diagram shows the procedure for university entry for high school graduates. Write a report for a
university or college lecturer describing the information. Write at least 150 words

The diagram shows the procedure for university entry for high school graduates. Write a report for a university or college lecturer describing the information. Write at least 150 words


You live in a block of flats, your neighbor makes a lot of noise which has caused problems for you. Write a letter to your landlord.

In your letter, you should:
explain the situation
tell him/her how you are affected by this
suggest what you want the landlord to do.


In Some countries, many more people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?


Part 1 Questions

  1. What types of Tv programs do you like to watch?
  2. What benefits can people get from watching foreign TV programs?
  3. In your country is it possible for you to watch any TV Programs in English?
  4. Do you often sing?
  5. What do you like to sing?
  6. Is it difficult to sign well?
  7. Do you want to be a singer?
  8. What kinds of music do you like to sing?

Part 2 Cue Card

Describe an art exhibition that you visited.
You should say
When did you see this exhibition?
Where the exhibition was held?
What was on display?
Explain your impression of the exhibition.

Part 3 Follow-Ups

  1. How could art exhibitions attract more visitors?
  2. Are art exhibitions popular in your country?
  3. Do you think people should have to pay to visit art exhibitions?
  4. How will art exhibitions change in the future?

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2 thoughts on “IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 81 ( 2-4-2021)”

  1. It is right that nowadays,in few nation majority of masses are prefer to live separately relative to past. No doubt, it is totally individuals choice either he would live separate or with his family but I believe Staying separate is negative development because it have more detrimental effect.
    To commence with,because of this development in society people suffer from much more health obstacles,especially, from those ailments which was unusual in past time. To illustrate, depression,anxiety stress. The main reason behind it is that they donot have someone to share their problem and they have lack of emotional support whereas, in past, people live together and they share their hurdles with other family members. Along with this, they have lack of social values because individuals have no one to teach them about their culture, custom,tradition and how to interact with others. Thus, sometime they get impatience and behave badly.
    Probing ahead, they take life taking decisions,like,suicide etceters if they get little disappointed from there any decision. As, they isolate themselves and have no one to guide them what is right and wrong for them. For example, they start doing that job which give them good financial support but don’t satisfy them internally after sometime when circumstances can heart equal to survive and their own life our living with someone being at proper guidance about that whether the decision they are taking is good or not.
    To epitomize, people should choose to live with their families,so that, they will not experience any fatal consequences realted to their health and life in future.

  2. Part 1
    Ans1- I like to watch reality shows and those TV programs which help to enhance my knowledge like Kaun Banega Crorepati.

    Ans2- There are many benefits of watching foreign TV programs.Firstly, an individual can learn about the culture and tradition of other nations as well as it improve the language skills of an individual.

    Ans3- yes it is a convenient to watch TV programs of Foreign in my country as there are so many different TV channels which show programs in other English like Discovery

    Ans4- I don’t sing because I don’t have a good singing skills as well as i always feel hestitate while singing.


    Ans6- no in my opinion it’s not everyone’s cup of tea as it need proper knowledge about the music it’s rhythm .So, everyone is not able to learn it.

    Ans7- no I never assume to be a singer because I have a lack of interest towards thinking.

    Ans8- I hardly Sing but whenever I sing I like to sing Sufi songs because there lyrics are full of meaning and to be fair and square it needs lowest pitch of voice so it saves me from singing loudly.

    Part 2

    There are different type of art exhibitions but the first word come in my mind is painting however I don’t like painting much but I have my one friend who is a very good painter and he is very interested in doing it. he always visit to different exhibition some time they are related to theatre, painting, craft etcetera. I always have to join him and give him my company. recently I had visited with him art as well as science exhibition which held in Science City in Jalandhar. Ifelt delighted after visiting that exhibition. the atmosphere was very different each individual was enjoying where as whenever I visit to the other exhibitions the environment is very calm and people behave like a gentleman but in that exhibition everything was opposite to it. There i saw model of a dinosaur which looks like a like and scares me. It was amazing an alluring and made of aluminium . After that I went to the another room where the the exhibition holder show the paintings of old painter like Karan Singh and and Modern Art was also there so I decided to buy one painting which was very beautiful but when I checked the price of that painting it was a very expensive and I was unable to afford it so i give up the idea of purchasing. At last we go for a snacks and I’d like to say that was a great experience of my life which I will never forget and after visiting that exhibition somehow my interest is also mushroomed.

    Part 3

    Ans1- there are different ways of attracting the visitors the first and foremost is that art exhibit should show the importance of visiting like telling visitors that how people get relax themselves by coming as well as they can hold the different exhibitions sometimes in theatre,craft so that people get something new and the their taste will change secondly organizers give them offer on the entrance fees and sometimes give them free entry.

    Ans 2- no in my perspective in my nation the art exhibitions are not very famous because most of the individuals have a very hectic schedule because of the work or studies and they hardly get time to go somewhere and the majority of masses believe that they can watch anything to relax themselves on internet.

    Ans3- yes definitely I believe people should pay for visiting the art exhibition so that the organiser get amount to hold more exhibition whereas most of the free entrance exhibitions get crowded if individuals have to pay for getting in then only interested people will visit.

    Ans4- I believe there will be a huge turning point in the art exhibition as most majority masses are busy in their own life so they hardly get time to step out I think in the coming days the art exhibition will be vanish nd people will always prefered to watch different things at home.

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