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The bar charts below give information about the railway system in six cities in Europe. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.The bar charts below give information about the railway system in six cities in Europe


You ordered equipment online. However, when you received it, it was damaged. Send a letter to the manager of the company.
In your letter, you should tell:
Giving the details about the equipment
Explain the damage
Suggest what you want the manager to do.


As housing is a basic need for people, the government should provide free housing for everyone who can’t afford it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Part 1 Questions

  1. How would you define happiness?
  2. What kinds of things make people in your country happy?
  3. Do you think money can make people happy?
  4. Are people in your country happier now than they were 30 years old?
  5. Why do some people say happiness never lasts long?
  6. What do you do when you feel unhappy?

Part 2 Cue Card

Talk about a time when you visited a farm or met with a farmer

  • when you met the farmer
  • where you met the farmer
  • What you think about farmers

Part 3 Follow-Ups

  1. In your country what kind of farms are most popular?
  2. Do You think farming is important for the economy of your country?
  3. Did you do farm work when you were young?
  4. Give Your views about farmer protest in India?

3 thoughts on “IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 84”

  1. House is an essential component in everyone life. Some people believe that government should give free housing to all destitute people. In my opinion, I partially agree with the above statement and will discuss the benefits and drawbacks in the following paragraphs.

    To commence with, there are some positives of giving free houses to those who cannot afford it. Firstly, it will help to reduce the poverty. In many countries, especially the developing ones are facing problem with scarcity in homes. If the state governments started giving subsided homes to the members of society. The nation will get rid of destitution. Secondly, it will help to lower the crime rate. Nowadays, many poor people are involving in petty crimes because of living in congested places and lack of job opportunities. These housing scheme will give them a shelter and a thing which they are not able to afford.

    On the other hand, there are some negative aspects of these free houses. It will make the poor people to become lazy. In other words, if a house is easily accessible to them, they do not need to work hard to afford a place. Moreover, to build a house government needs a large place and many resources. To arrange this place, they need to cut down the trees and for building materials they have to use the funds that are accumulated from tax payers. Tax payers would not be happy with this initiative.

    To conclude, I reiterate my opinion that housing is free for only some people as it will reduce poverty and lower crime rate, it has some drawbacks that will lead to the exploitation of resources and funds.

  2. There are numerous times that I have visited a farm. Personally speaking, I live in a country side. My house is outside of city out skirts. Near my house there are many farms, I would see many buffaloes and farmers passing my home everyday for their agricultural works. They will take with them farm equipment such a plough, pipes to water the farm land. Most of time they travel on a tractor. My paternal uncle is a farmer, he has been doing farming for past 30 years. He works hard in his daily farm work. I have met him in my native village challapalli. It is located in Krishna district. it is a small village but peaceful one. I believe farrmers are backbone of our country. They are the reason what we are eating today. Government and everyone should be thankful to the farmers

    Part 3:
    Question:- In your country what kind of farms are most popular?

    As far as I know I think wheat, rabi and sugarcane , mango are the most popular farms in my country. These were grown by most of the farmers.

    Question:- Do You think farming is important for the economy of your country?

    In india agriculture sector helps the economy in many ways, I think India exports many of their fruits and vegetables to other parts of world.

    Question:- Did you do farm work when you were young?

    No, I’m not into it. But I know how much hard work they do for the country and themselves. We have a small garden in my home. I have planted some plants there and water them everyday

    Question:- Give Your views about farmer protest in India?

    Well whatever farmers are protesting is justifiable, but they should create public disturbance by blocking the roads with tractors. Government should look into this problem and help them in a positive way.

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