In a School that makes use of Books Children

In a School that makes use of Books Children Find It More Boring While Using Films, Tv video games. They Find It More Interesting. To what extent do you agree with this?

Sample 1: In a School that makes use of Books Children

It has been observed that pupils find it hard to grab knowledge from books, which is a tedious thing, while they take more interest in learning when a school uses documentaries or video games to engage them in learning. I completely agree with the letter view as learning becomes easy for pupils via audio-visual aids, and they can retain the information for a long time. In addition, audio-visual aids are a great way to prevent absenteeism in schools.

To begin with, using technology in the form of documentaries or video games makes learning easy for learners, and they can retain that information for a long time. To elaborate, when students are taught via printed material, they take less interest and easily forget the information, and sometimes they get blank; resultantly, they hesitate to take part in many competitions and remain demotivated. For such a kind of behaviour, they are scolded by their teachers and parents. Ironically, a tag of weak or dull is given to them, which is a big obstacle in their learning process. For instance, students find it hard to remember the periods, names and places of Mughal Emperors in history. Still, if they are shown factual films, they can learn better, and their interest in collecting knowledge will increase. This way, they will store the information and preserve the history.

Furthermore, absenteeism can be stopped. To explain it many learners avoid attending classes because they find it boring to read from printed material. They try to put it off. Thus, they waste their precious time learning. If they learn with the help of technology, they will not take leave and attend classes regularly, and their curiosity will emerge. This thing will stimulate them to raise a question in class regarding whatever they have learnt via electronic media. Therefore, they will teach discipline, dedication and intelligence. To exemplify it, in many nations, mentors use multimedia to reduce truancy among learners. Surprisingly, it has made the students regular in their classes. Every day, they are keen to help their teachers adjust the projector, transparencies and computers to initiate their class. This thing wakes them up to get ready for school to grab the information.

To conclude, using mixed media will be a great help to learners to take an interest in grabbing the knowledge and storing it for a long time. Besides stopping absences in schools, it has done well. It is a good idea to include multimedia in learning for the benefit of learners.

Sample 2: In a School that Makes Use of Books Children

In this modern era, children have a lot of learning options, which include the use of smartboards. Studying using books can be regarded as outdated, and learners can find it uninteresting. I completely agree that schools should stop teaching students by using books. This is mainly because of the simulation and how they can store information learnt through films and television.

To begin with, learners need to be motivated to keep them focused. For example, they are studying science lessons and seed germination by watching the process in the form of a short play. This encourages them to learn as they relax and focus, thereby easily understanding the whole process. Therefore, this type of learning is motivating, which is what learners need, not only at the elementary level but at all levels. Schools should adapt to entertainingly teaching kids as it builds good results.

Furthermore, when children study in a relaxed and entertaining way, they will keep the information with them. For instance, studying multiplication through a skip-counting video game will not just make it fun but also enable them to keep the lesson for the rest of their lives. The main focus of going to school is for children to understand what videos do more easily than printed material.

To conclude, in a contemporary world blessed with modern technologies, it is encouraged to use it as it proves to be a better option for teaching. This simulates kids as well as makes them grasp the information better. Printed hard copies should be replaced by visuals like plays and animations.

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