In June 1996, an Experimental Flu Vaccine Was Trialled in a Large Country Town

In June 1996, an experimental flu vaccine was trialled in a large country town on females only. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

In June 1996, an experimental flu vaccine was trialled in a large country town on females only

The provided bar graph illustrates the number of deaths of both genders from flu during march to august. Whilst, the pie chart delineates the risk inhabitants in all the criteria. Moreover, the line graph demonstrates the number of cases of flu of both males and females from February to December. The year under consideration is 1996.

Overall, it is evident that female is encountering predominant deaths when compared to men. Meanwhile, the death rate is gradually reaching its peak owing to the flu.

From the bar graph, the death rate for females is around four per cent in the months of the rainy season, whereas the male death rate is just under half of the female deaths, which was around 2 per cent. Furthermore, during the months of March to May, there are only female deaths.

On the contrary, from the pie chart, most of the people who are at risk are aged dwellers with 35 per cent, who are over 65 years old. At the same time, the least per cent were hospitalized, which was around 13 per cent respectively. Besides, babies and children are about 24 per cent who are at risk. Meanwhile, the masses who are not vaccinated was almost 28 per cent.

Lastly, from the line graph, the deaths were commenced during a march, and until September, there were a lot of oscillations and remained constant from September to December in females, approximately 25000 deaths and males deaths were around 15000.

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