The Table Gives Information About Alcohol-related Deaths 2005

The table gives information about Alcohol-Related deaths 2005 and Beers consumption per capita 2002 (liters). Summarise the information by selecting and reporting a description of the correlation of the table that follows. Write at least 150 words.

The Table Gives Information About Alcohol-related Deaths 2005

Sample Answer of The Table Gives Information About Alcohol-related Deaths 2005

The yielded table reveals the number of seven different countries citizens who died because of alcohol in 2005, divided into the male and female category as well capita wise consumption of beers in 2002, measured unit was liters.

Overall, the Czech Republic had the most beer consumption, and death rates were also higher than others; the least death numbers were in Lithuania, and the lowest beer usage was in Canada. Furthermore, alcohol-related deaths rates were higher in males than women.

In Germany, 107 liters of beer were used, and over 1 million people died. Among them, 200000 people gender was female and remained male. In Canada and Ireland total number of citizens’ death numbers was roughly the same, although the male number was higher in Canada. The usage of beers was 86 and 104 liters, respectively. For the Czech Republic, 132 liters of beer consumed by locals and 900000 men, 486000 women died for it. For Lithuania, alcohol-related deaths number was 125000 and among 13000 was female and rest of male. However, 91 liters were used.

For Australia, just below a 1 million citizen died due to alcohol and 73% among was male and 130000 was female. Beer usage was only 1 liter less than Germany. For Estonia, 98 liters of beer consumed per capita, 332000 males died among 383000 deaths and remained female.

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