In Many Countries, Plastic Shopping Bags Are the Main Source of Rubbish

In many countries, plastic shopping bags are the main source of rubbish. They cause water and land pollution, and so they should be banned. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Inset of countries, plastic grocery bags in the rubbish has become an immense influence on natural resources. Such water and land pollution have occurred to another level to ban the usage of plastics. Completely agree with the given statement, and the following paragraphs will demonstrate the relevant points.

Prohibition of the non-disposal of garbage is a great decision that a government can take for the safety of the country. This means that when the water and land get polluted, there will be a plethora of incidents to overcome as a nation, like diseases and the loss of crops. When water gets polluted where a human cannot consume it, or people consume polluted water due to the absence of pure water leads to many diseases among them, especially kidney failures. Because of that, most citizens have to pay a higher cost for a kidney transplant. For example, rural villagers are at risk of kidney difficulties due to the unavailability of clean water.

Moreover, damage to fertile land puts farmers into poverty, and the needy people who used to harvest on their own to consume their own food are in danger situation. This means that when farmers cannot farm the vegetables and fruits in the soil leads to insufficient food for the demand. For instance, people will not have enough vegetables to buy from the market due to fewer crops. Therefore this has to be discussed and come to a favourable solution.

To conclude, plastic destroys the valuable resources of the earth, and the issue should be addressed and sorted out for better surroundings for human well-being to be healthy and survive. Banning plastic materials and giving a guideline for a protective environment to the government would be ideal.

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