In Many Parts of the World Children and Teenagers Are Committing More Crimes

In many parts of the world children and teenagers are committing more crimes. Why is the case happening? How should children or teenagers be punished?

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Crime is ubiquitous in every nook and corner of the world. The persons who are involved in committing crime are juveniles as well as adolescents and the conspicuous reason is lack of love, hectic schedule of parents. Parental attention, channelizing their energy can be good alternative for them rather than giving them corporal punishment.


First off, offspring commit crime owing to lack of love from their parents. To elaborate it, parents have a very hectic schedule so they work round the clock and find no time for their nippers. This thing heightens their aggression and they indulge in petty offences like picking pockets, robbery or theft. Moreover, parents fulfill only their physical needs and are incapable of meeting their emotional needs. Thus children show their aggression by vandalism or shoplifting and expect to catch red handed so that they can attract the attention of their parents. Apart from it, they are immature and can be instigated by anyone. So, they commit crimes.

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Furthermore, adolescents and children must be punished but here physical punishment will not work as they will repeat their anti social behaviour after getting punishment as sometimes they are sent to prison and this step exacerbated their situation more. In spite of it, their energy must be channelized to do constructive work and involving them in voluntary works seems to be a good option. What’s more, parents must spend some time with them in order to gratify their needs. Also, they will be made aware about the repercussions of their actions only then they will be able to understand and behave according to the norms of society.


In conclusion, in consideration of above analysis, it is ostensible that youngsters trapped in illegal activities when they are unsatisfied as well as feel alone and to rehabilitate them parents must give their quality time to them only then they can follow their path well.

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