In Recent Times Economic Growth Has Helped Many Become Richer

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In recent times economic growth has helped many become richer, both in developed and developing countries. However, those in developed countries are not as happy as they were in the past. Why is this? What can be learned from this?

Economic growth has brought financial stability both for me manufacturer as well as for the workers. Moreover, it has assisted a lot in enhancing the income of the people who occupy different jobs in different nations and weak nations. Suffice to say that the masses of wealthy countries have not contended as they used to be in the past. This is owing to the increased stress level, lack of time for near and dear ones.

At the outset, masses of advanced countries are not cheerful due to increased stress level. They run after money, and in order to earn plentiful, they are sacrificing their leisure time. Thus the race of becoming rich overnight increases their stress. This is the prime reason that they become able to earn more, but internally, they remain discontented. For instance, in industrialized countries, people work without a break. Initially, people work to buy a house or to raise their utilize their whole investment to pay the mortgage interest rate and again strive hard to collect more.

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Besides, lack of time for the loved ones is another reason that does not make them feel glad. It is owing to spend more time on electronic gadgets and asking about their well being over the phone. Moreover, as humans are stepping into modernization, they are getting alienated from their loved ones. Thus they don’t feel cheerful.

Furthermore, many life lessons can be learnt from the above-mentioned discussion as people must have some spare time for themselves as well as for others. They must understand that money cannot buy happiness. Instead, it is related to the human state of mind. In addition, the masses consider material possession all in all; however, they live alone in the end and feel isolated, which makes them depressed more. What’s more, for the sake of modernization and forgetting, humanity is the root cause of man’s fall. So, individuals should understand it and make their life worthwhile.

In conclusion, there are countless reasons that don’t make the individuals of richer nations’ joyful. Out of many, lack of time for relatives focusing more on multimedia is the main reason. It is pertinent to understand that sacrificing additional hours for getting more income is in vain if this attitude does not make them feel happy.

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