Some People Think That Uniforms at School

Some people think that uniforms at school are unnecessary and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples from your own experience.

To create harmony, punctuality, and discipline among school children, the uniform is mandatory, and it is argued that it is essential and should be banned. I’m afraid I have to disagree with the statement, and I will elaborate on my point of view in the subsequent paragraphs.
At the outset, school dress is indispensable for the pupils because it creates discipline and punctuality among students. Moreover, students agree to abide by the rules of a school organization. Thus they will have more regularity in their life, and this thing will not only be helpful in maintaining their good habits but also assist them in their later periods of life. In addition, there would be no discrimination among students, and an inferiority complex will not develop among students. For instance, when there will be no dress code for pupils, they will wear colorful clothes and branded clothes that others can’t afford; consequently, economically weaker section students will feel a bit low. So, having a dress code for pupils is essential.
Moreover, school uniforms will help students in developing professionalism. This attitude will help them in their later periods when they will be employed in any firm or organization. Besides, uniform helps recognize the students by their dress that they wear and pupils are identified which school they belong to. Thus identification of students fines to tackle truancy as pupils sometimes do not attend their school and watch movies in a theatre and now and then, they visit at some places and skip their sessions. Here, the dress code will help in maintaining their attendance in schools as people can easily recognize and report it to the school authorities.
In conclusion, School dress is necessary for the overall development of students. Apart from it, it develops equality and maintains discipline and pupils, which will be helpful for them in their profession, and it will bring them rewards as well.

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