In Some Countries 18 Is the Legal Age to Vote

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In some countries, 18 is the legal age to vote, to drive and to marry, while it’s higher in some others. Do you think it’s the right age? Support your statement with relevant examples

In recent years, the age of an adolescent from which they can perform legal activities, such as voting, getting married, etc., has become a hot topic for debate across the globe. Certain countries have finalized 18; however, it is more significant in a few. To my way of thinking, 18 is not the correct age to do such activities, and it should be kept at least as 21 which is explained in the below composition.

It cannot be denied that the world is growing and grooming rapidly nowadays. As a result, it takes no time for a toddler to become a teenager. Though they know all the details of smart gadgets and utilize them well, they cannot just choose companions or cast their vote at a naive age. Additionally, their minds are just coming to know several new things in life because of obvious hormonal changes. Many times they just cast their votes or get married to enjoy a small-time pleasure which is absolutely preposterous. In India, for example, many political parties bribe college students to take part in their promotional activities. Such half-baked minds cannot think logically because they see monetary or other advantages that make their lives easier. Thus, in my view, they do not even know about their future at 18, and how can they think about the well-being of society? It is an injustice to them. Needless to say that choosing a companion should be completely banned because they should focus on their career rather than wasting their important years roaming around with partners.

Another thing is to permit them to drive vehicles which, from my perspective, should be completely banned till the age of 21. There are various reasons behind this thought. Firstly, millennials are thrilled to drive either a bike or a car when they turn 16 or 17. In every nook and corner of the world, it is observed that if they are allowed to drive at such an early age, they end up having an accident because of over-speeding or lack of proper training. On top of this, sometimes, these incidents could conceivably make them handicapped or even take their valuable lives. Obviously, if they stay away from their university, the government should think of other ways to build adequate transportation, build a portal for the carpool facility, etc. In this way, authorities could protect the youth, but they could actually decrease pollution and traffic. Hence, nations should not allow millennials to try their hands on vehicles unless they are 21 as well as trained sufficiently. On top of that, they can keep an assessment to issue the driving license, which practised successfully in India for the past decade.

To conclude, though we should give freedom of thought to every individual and it comes under the fundamental rights, I strongly reckon that 21 is the age when they could start such legal procedures. In this way, we give them a chance to enjoy their teenage, preventing them from innumerous bad experiences.

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