In Some Countries Many Parents Are Interested in Homeschooling

In some countries, many parents are interested in homeschooling, and the trend is gaining popularity. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

It is observed that in a few nations, guardians prefer educating their child at home, and this trend is gaining ground. In my perspective, tutoring a child at home is disadvantageous as essential skills as well as they may feel bored and there are higher chances of turning them into troublesome children.

First off, unforeseen circumstances such as pandemics, kidnapping are responsible factors that compel the parents to guide their child at home. Although it escapes the children from the harsh realities of the time; however, it is a great obstacle in their harmonious development. The first and foremost factor is that children will fall behind in attaining essential skills that they can learn at school. To clarify, when they do study under the guidance of their parents; then, they can miss the important information because mentors are veterans in their respective fields. So, with their experience and qualification, they impart the information to the nippers. Moreover, practical work cannot be done at home because it needs a controlled environment. So, there are higher chances of not keeping pace with other students who learn in a school. In addition, juveniles may become unsocial due to a lack of interaction at home. They will not be able to learn feelings of brotherhood, cooperation, and sense of duty, which they get when they are involved in a group activity at school. So, it has numerous demerits to interact child at home.

Furthermore, when learners do study at home, they may get bored and become aggressive. Therefore, their misconduct is not beneficial for them in their later periods of life. For instance, it is observed that many children who do study at home become disruptive because they are forced to study more, and they do not get adequate time to play outside. So, they begin to display bad behaviour, and there are higher chances of using abusive language with their elders. This thing may distort the personality of a child. Thus, it is not conducive for children to study at home. Also, lack of physical activities compels them to lead a sedentary lifestyle. They become book-worm and confront mental and physical problems such as depression, insomnia as well as obesity, disruptive physique. So, it can be seen that if they are in a school, they take part in sports and other cultural activities and outlet their emotions; however, at home, they do not get such kind of ambience.


To conclude, thus instructing a child at home is not beneficial for them. Although they remain safe; but, simultaneously, they are not able to cope with their stress as well as deprived them of getting essential skills that they learn in a school, namely co-operation, team spirit, and to name but a few. Therefore, this trend has greater demerits than merits.

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