In the Developed World, Average Life Expectancy Is Increasing: Writing Task 2

In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society? Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of ageing populations.

It is an irrefutable fact that the average life of a human being is enormously rising on an upper scale, and the overall population in the world is rapidly growing in high numbers. The primary objective of this exposition is to put forth some of the hurdles experienced by people and society along with a few plausible measures.

To start with, in this contemporary era, the normal life of a person is scaling up. This eventually leads to a plethora of challenges which people are experiencing and will face in the near future. One of the significant problems is shortages of food and its resources. To exemplify, recently, the North Korean government has urged its citizens to consume minimal quantities of food as there are prone to face a food crisis in the upcoming days if they do not control their daily consumption of meals. Furthermore, there are massive chances of creating an impact on the surroundings due to the increase in population rate. Since the public is expanding, they are cutting down trees and clearing the forest region such that it is optimal for them to construct buildings and make a livelihood. This eventually has adverse effects on the environment and gradually leads to depletion of oxygen levels in the atmosphere. Therefore, humans are liable to experience numerous challenges with the growth of average size and population.

On the flip side, we can overcome the issues by collaboratively working on reducing these major difficulties. For instance, the government must ensure to organize family planning programs such that the overall population is controlled at least in the upcoming days. These have to be conducted intermittently in suburbs because the rural residents are oblivious of the pessimistic impact it causes when the numbers are growing. Additionally, when any vaccination drive is conducted for health benefits by medical units, preliminary preference must be provided to children and youngsters rather than focusing on older people. Hence, by implementing these measures, we can reduce human numbers and the age of an individual.

Taking everything into consideration, it is critical that the human count must be controlled immediately. Else they are liable to experience a myriad of challenges. This discourse has elucidated some of the problems and their feasible solutions.

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