Individuals Can Do Nothing to Improve the Environment: Writing Task 2

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Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment; only governments and large companies can make a difference. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The environment is a paramount subject matter when it comes to habitation and survival of living and non-living entities, including human beings, animals, water bodies, land, atmosphere, space, et Cetra. Its development requires all hands on deck. Hence, I disagree with the assertion that the impaction solely relies on the government and huge companies. This essay argues and elucidates both perspectives and stances taken.

To begin with, in this age, environmental pollution and its consequential fatalities such as global warming, deforestation and rising sea levels are of global concern; various research has indicated that industrial companies play a major role in the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Aside from this, there is the protection and preservation of fauna, habitations and the maintenance of public or state properties, including tourist sites and beautification of the environment. In all this, the state government being the authoritative body that supersedes the affairs of a nation plays a significant role in ensuring and instilling rules and regulations while adequately executing its responsibilities to effect the needed constructive changes in the world. This includes policies regarding industrialization, sanitation and recycling. Without these, there is an avenue for the high level of indiscipline and destruction of nature.

On the other hand, citizens equally have their parts in maintaining the environment. Consistent, useful practices like ensuring clean homes and surrounding areas, afforestation, avoiding indiscriminate littering, reporting harmful offences, proper disposal of waste and by-products and abiding by the basic environmental laws will go a long way in preserving the natural world and making a safe haven. There is a need for people to cultivate the habits of good and safe practices without necessarily being coerced by the authorities to do so.

In a nutshell, though government and industrial companies contribute a greater share in the responsibilities of ensuring positive development on earth and beyond, I reiterate that individuals also have theirs to perform. Imagine appropriate rules and regulations and a responsible government without complying with citizens, and this will eventually result in chaos.

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