It Has Been Suggested That Everyone in the World Want to Own a Car

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It has been suggested that everyone in the world want to own a car, a tv, and a you think the disadvantages of such a development outweigh the advantages?

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Civilians worldwide are living hectic life right now; to stay peacefully, they are demanding vehicles l and electronic gadgets. It is stated that everybody desires to purchase a car, a television, and a fridge. In this essay, I have described why it is more beneficial to have these things. 

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There are several cons if people keep buying cars and electronic gadgets. Firstly, these are the things which are harming our environment by pollutions. Cars create traffic, air pollution, noise. Tv creates eyesight problems. The refrigerator is also an anti-eco-friendly invention. Secondly, if people will keep buying these things, it will also negatively impact the economy. For example, if civilians buy a car, they will have to purchase fuels to run their vehicle; it will increase demand for fuels; thus, we will face an increased fuel rate. Fuels are connected to everything of our primary need so the rate of all our needs will also increase, and in the end, it will create lots of problems in the world. Finally, after buying these things people will become lazy. Instead of walking or using public transport, they’ll use their cars; besides, instead of exercising, creative activities, they will waste their time watching television.

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However, lots of things worldwide are changing right now, so people’s needs are also changing. In the past, people lived life peacefully without any kind of device or vehicle as life was different earlier. Now a day’s people have so many things on their daily checklist. To finish all of them, they need the help of technologies. Buying a car is so beneficial because it is a time saver and is comfortable and convenient. Public transit takes time sometimes, but we can reach our location fast in a car. Some places where public transport doesn’t access one can go there quickly by car. Earlier, people have to buy groceries every day, but now they can buy in bulk and refrigerate it, so it is also convenient for them. With the help of a fridge, we can refrigerate our food to save time in cooking, and refrigerate helps in many other ways. From full-stress life, when people need entertainment, they can quickly turn on the television and watch whatever they want. Also, they can get news from anywhere in the world in a second on TV.


To conclude I would like to say, using more technologies is spoiling the environment. However, to live life with fewer problems, people have to buy a car, fridge, and tv.

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