Language & smile Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers

Language & smile Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Language  & smile Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers.

1. What language do you speak?

Ans; I am talking in Mizo language if I am with my own races persons. Otherwise, I am speaking in English; it obviously depends on the people whom I am with. Honestly, I am more comfortable when I talk in my own language since that is my instinct.

2. When did you learn English?

Ans; I have been learning English from when I was study class 6. As proof am studied from English medium school since my father was especially afraid that when I grow up, if I don’t know English, I will struggle very much; that is why I reckon they put me in English medium school from my youngsters.

3. Do you think English is difficult to learn?

Ans; I” II say it’s difficult actually to speak like a native speaker as its not my mother tongue but if I put my effort with it, Am considering that I can do it absolutely all I need is to be diligent in studies practice by talking with friends or families. In my opinion, if we try, nothing is difficult to need to be fearless.


4. Would you like to learn another language?

Ans; Yeah, I would love to as proof I like to have a lot of experience in life about meeting new people and have a huge curiosity as well.However.I would certainly want to talk in different languages if possible or if I get time to learn, I will adore it. I suppose if we learn a lot of languages that can inspire the others and gives us confidence in life to cope up with acquaintances.

5. Do you always smile?

Ans; Well, it depends. I smile when I am overjoyed, excited about meeting with friends or families, either in front of a camera. I most likely smile a lot. I love to be happy and being with a smiley person too. I believe a smile can convey a lot of things.

6. Do you like smiling?

Ans; I do. Yeah, I love to smile as much as I can, especially when I am happy and receive the good result which I ever get. Moreover, as I said, I am not a steely complexion, and probably in friends, I am always the appealing one who smiles louder indeed.

7. Should people smile more?

Ans; I suppose so, yep smile can bring a lot of joy and happiness. Furthermore, for the sick patient they can literally forget their stress and pain when they laugh obviously they are basically good in making friends who smile they are a most likely extrovert. But in other words, excessive smiles can bring vague behavior, and when it’s time to say, we must not smile. We must know when to smile depend on the situation. A smile can honestly be a tremendous weapon from others as well. Some people smile when they want to befuddle with their friends. So, it can be perilous too.

8. Do you smile while taking photos?

Ans; Absolutely yes, I usually smile whenever I take pictures, and I love to see myself happy. On top of that, When we smile happily and capture it, that can commemorate a handful of euphoria when we see them again later. I guess when we smile in photos, we look more attractive and astonishing for others as well.

9. When do people smile at others?

Ans; As far as I can see, people laugh at others it really depends on it can be they are delightful for them, they met each other after a long time either in a negative means they don’t like the person and smile at her rudely. Since a smile can convey many meanings to the way we treat people and actually depends on the place, some people may obviously show a fake smile that we can’t make out. In my opinion, a smile can show a lot of happiness, but it can be harmful to others simultaneously, and it’s necessary to be cautious.

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