Learning About the Past Has No Value for Those of Us Living in The Present: Writing Task 2

Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample 1 Learning About the Past Has No Value for Those of Us Living in The Present

Learning from the past and obtaining experiences has been a heated topic constantly. There is a common belief that the past has no value for the individuals who live in the present; however, I disagree with this belief.

I believe the notion that learning from the past is more valuable than living in the present should be rejected. Some may claim that insights into the past give ample benefits to live in the present with valuable experience or completely enough for one to live. Put in other words, the development of human kinds must learn from the mistakes of the past, reasons and results or people easily recognise their mistakes which they intended in past so that they are more aware in the present when they would suffering from the same situations in future. to cite an example, in past years when America attacked Japan with a nuclear weapon as a result thousand of life got killed in this war after that, a new article was published last month which America confessed and made apologies from Japan and gives the promise the strikes never be happened in the future because they realise the value of humans and creatures in this planet.

Individuals would benefit the most when the learning from the Past time is placed parallel to that of present lives. Understanding the situation in the present must be vital to experience the past. To make this clear, there are numerous failed attempts at space travel and developing a new medicine requires vast experience to get success. Moreover, history helps humanity keep its memory so it can be taught to new generations. As a result, people are more aware of acquiring better knowledge which has a deeper meaning. For instance, there is an abundance of conflicts and disputes around the world, which strongly impacts other countries. This can be tackled when individuals teach the actual outcomes from the war, which are all not suitable in this present life.

In conclusion, all the Existing data has provided a concrete foundation that studying the past and history should always be a pillar of the existing world. The practice would guarantee that people learn from history more comprehensive and be able to tighten the bond with the present time and makes a secure future.

Sample 2 Learning About the Past Has No Value for Those of Us Living in The Present

Some people have made an opinion that there is no influence of the histories over the ones living in the current situation. I firmly believe that the Past helps mould the present and future of living beings, and there are various instances where it has been proved that the given statement is true and holds great significance to humankind.

Human has evolved from past mistakes. It is also said that the Past is a great teacher and gives valuable experiences and teachings which are always beneficial for humans to make an improvement and amends in the present situation. For example, our history has seen various wars and disputes that became destructive to humankind. Still, nowadays, countries tend to encourage peace, and disagreements are handled diplomatically without harming living beings.

Additionally, the histories are not meant to be forgotten but should be shared with the new generations in order to increase their horizon. Another example is when a young age learns about the Past, and they try to bring variations and alternative solutions to the present conditions, To avoid the failures that happened in the Past. There is always a scope for improvement and efficiency. In various industries like machinery, space, science fields, etc., this theory is always helpful to study the Past and avoid making mistakes in the present with better solutions.

Hence, I conclude that learning from the Past is essential for the development of the life of humans. Without the reference to the Past, humans will tend to repeat the same mistakes and would not have a steady growth.

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