Learning at University Would Be More Effective if Men and Women Were Educated Separately

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Learning at university would be more effective if men and women were educated separately. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Learning at University Would Be More Effective if Men and Women Were Educated Separately

In today’s world, men and women of different races are increasingly enrolling themselves in higher learning institutions. Many of these institutions admit both genders to study together. However, I strongly believe that both genders should be taught separately in different classes or institutions. This essay will discuss why university learning is more effective when genders are taught separately.

Firstly, there is the diversion of concentration from learning. When both males and females learn and interact together, they form friendships that eventually lead to relationships. These relationships can lead to poor or no concentration at school, especially due to the physical attraction during class sessions and also stress resulting from break-ups, infidelity and other issues commonly experienced in relationships. For instance, in Bellevue institute of arts, situated in Nigeria, Africa, fresh enrollment of ‘female students only’ commenced in the first semester of the year 2000, and this led to a 20% increase in the number of women completing their education and graduating, compared to the previous years’ percentage of 3% considering women who were already enrolled at that time was more than half the men.

Secondly, there is the issue of cultures and traditions. In some African communities, it is taboo for a group of ladies and gents to work, eat and even live together in the same compound due to the strict African cultures. Furthermore, it is believed that going against this tradition could lead to a bad omen, students may significantly underperform, or catastrophic situations may even occur. For example, in Kenya, specifically in the western regions, the number of institutions enrolling learners of the same gender is at a staggering low of 10% compared to other institutions with mixed-gender learners that have taken up the western curriculum of teaching which does not support gender discrimination and other absurd, African cultures.

On the other hand, we cannot overlook the fact that we need to maintain gender equality. In recent years, there have been highly successful campaigns against gender inequality. When both genders interact together through learning, they get access to equal learning resources and opportunities leading to more women becoming financially independent individuals who can easily sustain themselves and their children. For example, in Malaysia, more women are venturing into engineering and carpentry as a career, and there is an increase in the number of upcoming successful businesswomen who felt challenged to also excel in these fields while learning, just as their male counterparts did.

My final thought on this is that, as much as the future is quickly adopting and adjusting to equal opportunities for all, no matter the gender, let us not undermine the fact that separation of both genders in our learning institutions can significantly decrease and address such issues as extramarital affairs, early pregnancies and other relationship issues, thus increasing the number of individuals coming out of campus life and leading successful lives, by a more significant margin than what we are currently observing.

Sample 2 Learning at University Would Be More Effective if Men and Women Were Educated Separately

In this modern era, a university education is essential for every individual because it is the path to future development. It is believed that learning at university would be more effective if males and females were educated separately. I totally disagree with this statement, and I will discuss some disagreement reasons in upcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, nowadays, most people learn their edification at universities because it is much more effective. Firstly, in the present time, everyone lives in modern societies, and the difference between genders is finished, and both s@xes have equal rights. To explain it more, in the future, both men and women will have jobs as an employee because, in recent times, every man and woman have done the same jobs. If both s@x study at the same university, they do not feel any hesitation from any s@x, and they work together in groups. Secondly, men are generally considered more logical, whereas women are comparatively more disciplined and hardworking. Thus when opposite genders socialize and become classmates, they learn valuable traits from each other and develop the skills they are weak.

Moreover, it is extremely important to persuade the opposite genders to understand their differences and support each other the university phase is the best time in a student’s life to experience this. For example, studies have shown that women who never had a male friend usually struggle the most to lead a smooth family life and vice versa. In addition to that, it is also observed that the students who never studied in a mixed college hesitate to socialize with their counterparts at the workplace and other public places.

To conclude, I totally disagree with the statement, in my opinion, it is necessary that both opposite genders study together and learn as well as teach each other.

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