Modern Societies Need Specialists in Certain Fields: Writing Task 2

Modern societies need specialists in certain fields, but not others. Some people, therefore, think that governments should pay university fees for students who study subjects that are needed by society. Those who choose to study less relevant subjects should not receive government funding. Would the advantages of such an educational policy outweigh the disadvantages?

Controversy on special education funding for different courses for young adults is frequently debatable in this contemporary aeon. Whether government provide scholarships for students who enrol in courses that are beneficial to the public is considered lucrative or prejudicial often creates a concept of discrepancy. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I will talk through the merits and demerits of government allocating budget to various subjects along with my perspective that pros prevail over cons with credible illustrations.

On one side, there are some educational programs which are crucial for the well-being of residents. For instance, medical sciences have immense significance as doctors and nurses play a vital role in our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, these institutes lack fundamental teaching resources. Thus it is the responsibility of the local authorities to provide extra funding to these courses by establishing laboratories which eventually makes people more inquisitive about enrolling in these courses. Once they are graduated, they can set up clinics or provide medical amenities to the public free of cost. Hence, it is of great importance that government allocates the budget appropriately for such educational resources.

On the flip side, many professional and management subjects such as engineering and business studies are not fruitful to common people since they only improve the living standards of people. Students who enrol in these technical classes are already affluent as they pay massive amounts of money in the form of donations. With such massive costs which they receive from pupils, it is sufficient to provide world-class education and establish all amenities on the premises. Similarly, the study of engineering only enhances our level of comfort and leads to a convenient lifestyle rather than causing any impact on our health. Hence, local authorities can offer minimal funding to engineering graduates.

In a nutshell, this treatise has elucidated the importance of providing funds to courses which has a colossal and minute influence on the society based on the education. Thus it is fruitful for everyone if government segregates their budget based on the subjects, which has a massive effect on the well-being of the public.

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