Describe something you made by hand that you gave to other people

Describe something you made by hand that you gave to other people

You should say:

  • What it was
  • Who you gave it to and when
  • How you made it by hand
  • And explain why you gave that handmade gift to that person


I’m going to tell you about the gifts I used to make for my mother when I was a child. Looking back, I cannot believe my mother wore my tips out because they seemed very unfashionable. But, I’m glad that she did because I felt an extreme sense of accomplishment back then. Well, let me tell you about it.

Back in pre-school and kindergarten times, we used to have arts and crafts time at school. This included painting, making bracelets, making Christmas ornaments, etc. I remember one day the teacher brought in pasta noodles, like macaroni since it has a hole in it, of all different shapes and sizes along with some necklace string. So, we strung together (put together on a line) different pasta, some even a green or pink colour, to make jewellery for our mothers or other family members. I remember that I liked one wheel- shaped pasta, so I made my mother a necklace like that, alternating plan colour and green colour.

I gave it to my mother because I knew she was really into jewellery, often wearing necklaces and earrings especially. Moreover, I chose that colour-scheme because green was her favourite colour. I think it’s natural that children like to please their parents, so I wanted to make her happy. All in all, it was a thoughtful gift in my young mind.

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