Describe a kind of food people eat during a special event

# Describe a kind of food people eat during a special event

You should say:

  • what it was
  • what event people usually eat it
  • how it is cooked/made
  • and explain why it is for the special event

I’m going to tell you about the traditional dish of Tet, the Vietnamese version of the Lunar New year. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a ten day, family- oriented holiday to celebrate the New Year. It is called “Banh Trung”, which could roughly be translated to “Trung Cake”, “Mung Bean Cake,” or “Rice cake” in English. I’m unsure of its origins, but I do know that Tet wouldn’t be Tet without it. Although it’s a bit difficult to explain, I will try my best. First, let me tell you what goes into the dish.
It’s no easy task to prepare the Trung cake. It usually requires several people to make it. The main ingredients are glutinous rice, pork, and beans wrapped in a square bamboo leaf. Another important detail is that the rice needs to be soaked in water for an entire day beforehand. You must carefully wrap the ingredients in the bamboo leaf, neither too tight nor too loose, then boil it 12 hours in a wooden container.
As I said before, I’m not sure of the actual origin, but I believe that it could have something to do with our tradition of eating rice. Furthermore, the Vietnamese generally regard our ancestors, so we can feel closer to them by carrying out their tradition of eating the Trung cake. Moreover, I have heard that it was believed in ancient conception that the world was square, so this could have some correlation (relationship) to the tradition of eating this cake. All in all, eating Trung cake is an original mix of flavors that I feel define my culture. I’m looking forward (excited to) to eating some this year!

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