Many Adults Nowadays Prefer Spending Their Free Time Playing Computer Games

Many adults nowadays prefer spending their free time playing computer games. Why do they do this? Is this a positive or negative development?

It has been observed that currently, youngsters prefer to utilise their leisure time while playing games on the computer. For many reasons, technology allure them to play more, and hectic schedules do not allow them to go outside for leisure activities. In my perspective, it is a negative development. I will write the reasons, and it is a negative development in the subsequent paragraphs.

First off, cutting-edge Technology has bestowed ample opportunities for youngsters to spend their leisure time. First and foremost is mobile phones and computers. Now every person possesses additional feature mobile phones and different features and attractive games, fascinate them to spend more time on them. So, young blood consumes more time and upload the scores, and in order to get a top position, they play continuously. For instance, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto V. Thus, it is hard for them to quit the game once they get interested. Besides, a hectic schedule does not permit them to play outdoor games. Due to round the clock job, it is difficult for them to go outside for entertainment. So, they consider it is a good idea to play games on electronic gadgets in their comfort zones.

Furthermore, playing computer games by young minds is thought a negative development in their behaviour. Firstly, they will confront psychological as well as physiological problems. When they play for a long period of time, they experience some changes in their behaviour. For instance, they become unsocial. Because they talk less with others and spend more time playing games. Low vision is another factor. Besides, stress also prepares them to take wrong decisions. The blue whale game is the epitome of this. Young minds decide to spend more on these games in order to win. Thus they spend a huge amount of money that either is earned by them or by their parents. Also, playing more games has greatly affected the memory of young persons. Scientists have observed that youngsters experience forgetfulness or are absent-minded due to spending more time on electronic gadgets.

To conclude, thus, in consideration of the above-mentioned analysis, it is clear that busy schedules and technology greatly affect youngsters’ minds to play more electronic games. Resultantly, youngsters experience low vision, stress as well as indecisiveness.

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