Many Believe That Living in a City Offers Greater Benefits

Many believe that living in a city offers greater benefits compared to life in the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Life in urban areas entices individuals to enjoy modern amenities there. So people seek their greener pasture and migrate to megalopolis for employment, education and leisure facilities instead of living in rustic areas. I completely agree with the statement that living in a megalopolis has greater privileges than living in a countryside area.

At the outset, people migrate to towns from remote areas for the facilities that it offers such as employment. Suffice to say that job opportunities are scanty in remote areas so it becomes hard for masses to make both ends meet. So, in order to earn handsome income, masses move to metropolitan areas. In addition, leisure facilities, as well as high living standards, also fascinate the masses to reside there. People lead a blissful life in a city and to remove their monotony, they entertain themselves by visiting theme parks, art gallery or shopping complexes. Besides, higher income excites them to purchase attractive transport and other modern devices that beautiful for their homes. So, they are drawn to live in towns.

Furthermore, city life provides good education; therefore, parents in order to build the future of their children consider it lucrative to relocate to a metropolis. For instance, the number of schools, colleges are negligible in villages so sometimes children lag behind in getting an education even they are not able to complete their senior secondary. So, they drop their school and getting a higher education is beyond their imagination. So, people at the early age of their juveniles, consider it a good option to settle in cities.

In conclusion, Thus city life renders ample facilities to people namely good education, leisure parks and to name but a few. Masses get attracted to metropolitan glamour and make their mind shift to urban areas than living in countryside areas.

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