Many Historical Sites and Museums Are Mainly Visited

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Many historical sites and museums are mainly visited by tourists, not local people. Why is this the case? What can be done to attract local people to visit these historical sites and museums?

Sample 1:-Many Historical Sites and Museums Are Mainly Visited

It is common for tourists to visit historical places and museums rather than native people. In my opinion, because it is a familiar area so they are not interested in seeing it, and thus, The country must positively encourage locals.

On the one hand, there are many reasons behind the issue of less-active visitors to historical sites and museums by citizens than foreigners. Even though the historical area is unique, it is a common place for native people. They do not want to see it again. Additionally, they have seen historical sites and museums. Hence, they do not have any desire to spend their money at these places or waste their time. While native individuals have visited the nearest areas and enjoyed their time. Recently, it has been feeling boring, and they have become less interested in seeing them. For example, In London, the rate of visitors to the museum was about 96% international visitors, compared to the locals.

On the other hand, the government should take into account this problem. To tackle this issue, the government can provide many selections for citizens to take their attachment and by promoting the importance of museums  through social media . Also, give them free tickets, which impact the number of exciting local people to visit the nearest place. For instance, In South Korea, the government makes rules for historical places. Give a discount for Korean and free tickets during the festival.

In conclusion, Historical places and museums are not only meant for tourists but also for the community. Promoting these sites could attract locals to these places of culture and history and encourage them through education.

Sample 2:-Many Historical Sites and Museums Are Mainly Visited

Historical locations and museums are mostly preserved for tourist attractions. Tourists can range from persons from other nations,  the locals where the tourist attraction center is located. But it is often said that local people do not visit historical sites. This essay will highlight the reasons why locals do not go to historical sites and solutions to how they can be attracted.

Firstly, Locals, most of the time, are not thrilled by historical sites and museums. This is a result of being told stories about how the place came to be. And as a result, they do not find any spectacular reason why they have to go there to see what is being preserved or showcased. In addition, since most of these locals grew up in the vicinity and most likely they might have walked past the historical site several times, asking them to pay a certain amount of money as a tourist to view the site or museum will make no sense to them, and it will be viewed as a waste of money.

However, Locals can be enticed to visit the museum or historical sites by subsidizing the entrance fees to these sites. For example, if the entrance fee is five thousand nairas, they can be made to pay one-fifth of the price. Also, promos can be put in place for locals. For instance, the first five locals who visit the site on a particular day will be granted free access. Once a few local people have been able to see how interesting and advantageous going to historical sites is, they will publicize it to others, and it might motivate them to visit as well.

Furthermore, the role of education should not be under-emphasized. Since most of these historical locations are in rural areas, they might not see value associated with going to such places. But if the government educates them on the importance of visiting these places, they might be interested in going there.

In conclusion, local people do not seem fascinated with visiting historical locations due to not knowing the purpose it serves and how it can be beneficial to them. I believe with proper education and using suitable means to entice them to these locations, and more locals will be enthusiastic to visit these historical locations.

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