Some People Believe that Governments Should Enact Laws on Nutrition

Some people believe that governments should enact laws on nutrition and food choices to improve public health, while others believe it is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.

Sample 1:-Some People Believe that Governments Should Enact Laws on Nutrition

Individuals have different views about the governing body enforcing regulations on food consumption. There are calls for the government to create rules on the foods consumed since it prevents the prevalence of diet-related diseases. In my opinion, I agree with the other side of the argument that it should be based on individual preference and accountability, given that it represents freedom and avoidance of allergy response.

On the one hand, critics believe that the ruling body should establish policies on the foods the public consumes in order to curb dietary illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. A cousin of mine, for instance, had dental caries because he consumed a lot of sugary products. Therefore, the government must control the people’s nutrition and foodstuffs choices so as to guard their health. However, it is very unfair for individuals to follow rules which decide what they should consume.

On the other hand, I agree that people should be free to choose since they know how their body works. Citizens should freely choose from a variety of foods; they should have a life of their own and be able to decide what is best for them to stay healthy. An individual can freely take a bottle of sugary drink when she feels they are low on sugar. Moreover, making a choice of what to eat helps to stay out of the problem that can happen when something not suitable for the body is consumed. For example, some people develop rashes when they eat shrimp. Thus, there should be flexibility in choosing what to eat.


In conclusion, I believe that people should be able to select what to devour; however, the ruling body does not need to establish laws to regulate it.

Sample 2:-Some People Believe that Governments Should Enact Laws on Nutrition

It is argued that politics must create regulations to brush up on society’s health. During the folk have their own choice about diet. In this essay, I am going to discuss both views and draw my own conclusion.

First of all, proceeding with a rule for food-stuff and exercise is the responsibility of the government which motivates to maintain community well-doing by preventing some unhealthy snacks and advice members of the public from avoiding eating it, hence, a raise of awareness in their bodies so they tend to have healthy food rather than Junk food. For example, fast food has been causing problems such as being overweight in America. Around 98 percent of Americans have suffered from the weight which is put on while consuming Junk food regularly. In other words, a few of them eat vegetables and fruits as essential to keep fit.

On the other hand, Although it is advantageous to have a low encourage citizens for health, members of society are responsible for their bodies by considering a diet or working out. That is going to give them the freedom to eat anything without feeling under pressure when they choose a meal. Moreover, everybody has different preferences in sports, especially those who cannot do a risky sport. This promotes a lot of healthy people in the country.

In conclusion, the state has to make rules for members of society in spite of the free selection allowing everyone to create their unique diet. From my perspective, individuals have the ability to choose great things for their well-doing.

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