Many More People Are Choosing to Live Alone Nowadays

In Some countries, many more people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Sample 1 Many More People Are Choosing to Live Alone Nowadays

It is observed that solitary way of life is rampant in many nations of the world these days, unlike the old days. This is as a result of situations like avoidance of people for wrong mission and disappointment from family and friends. However, I opine that it is a wrong idea because of its negative consequences like evil occurrences and depression.

In the first place, togetherness was duly cherished by the citizens of the nations. For instance, people were found of living together under the same roof because of the series of benefits attached to it. For example, people did share their problems with their housemates so as to find joint solutions to them. One other advantage of living together is supportiveness which is the act of helping one another both morally and materially. Staying in the same apartment was very common among the students, the young adults, and so on.

In another way round, the reverse is the case these days as many people are seen living solitarily. Though, in my country, research makes me understand that those who engage in lonely life do this to avoid people so as to have a chance to carry out some nefarious activities such as robbery and kidnapping. Furthermore, probably to avoid family and friends as a result of past disappointment from the relatives.

Comparing the two ways of living, I am of opinion that lonely living is detrimental because of the negative consequences related to it, such as devilish occurrence in relation to harboring weapons for evil activities. In addition to that is depression from those who have been disappointed in the past.

In conclusion, living together in the past years is more beneficial than the idea current days of staying alone because of the evils connected to loneliness.

Sample 2 Many More People Are Choosing to Live Alone Nowadays

Modern people adapt skills very frequently and nowadays living as nuclear is more preferable in developed cities, like metropolitan cities. Development is positive or negative is a question that needs to be deliberated.

People choose to live alone as nowadays, nobody likes the involvement of other persons in their personal matter. They like to be independent to make decisions likewise not possible if living in a joint family. In Addition, there will be less burden on everybody’s timetable. Furthermore, expenses of food and electricity will be impacted. People face depression due to loneliness. The stress of work will be more as the person has to handle all chores by themselves. Living alone for parents is a very tedious job without the help of family. They will have to manage their jobs as well as take care of their children, due to which more parents left their children at the crotch. 

In my view, living in a family is better than living alone. Children can learn more moral values and etiquette from their parents and grandparents. They feel less lonely and hence will not face depression. Nowadays, the cost of living is higher than in past, so they can share their bills with others and spend more on where they need. People will be able to help each other in doing all household chores. For employed parents, living with family is more advantageous as they don’t have to left their children in the crotch while they were away. Their children will be taken care of by their other family members.

To conclude, the number of single-person families is increasing these days and this has some positive aspects despite many negative consequences. 

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