Describe an Art Exhibition You Visited

Describe an art exhibition you visited

you should say

  • When did you see this exhibition
  • Where the exhibition was held
  • What was on display
  • Explain your impression of the exhibition

Sample 1 Describe an Art Exhibition You Visited

It was a gathering of professional fine artists, a display of their galleries for assessment purposes. It was an avenue for the government officials to choose the three best artists. This exhibition is an annual event, the one for this year took place last month where all the contemporary artists gathered before the minister for art and culture of the nation.

The event took place in Ikeja, Nigeria. That is the actual location for every great exhibition. Categories of artistic works were on display at this august event such as Sculpture of various types, molding in hundreds, painting works, and lots more. The show was a great one because many upcoming painters, sculptors, and the likes were encouraged and motivated to put more effort into our fields so as to become successful too.

Sample 2 Describe an Art Exhibition You Visited

The art exhibition is something which always relaxes our mind when we saw it. I went to my friend’s house and informed him about the exhibition that was held in the art gallery on court road in our city. We both are very excited about exhibitions. So we hired a taxi and go there. It took 15 minutes from her house to reach there.

There were some minor fees over the entry and we gladly pay it and entered the main gate. When we entered first it displayed different types of arts by the different artists. They are also selling this to the customers. The different artists belong to different places. One of the artists I talked with is from America and he described to us his art.

It was Modern Art I was not able to understand that art and he described the art very well and give us information like it took 50 days to complete this art I was so impressed with how much dedication he had created that art and it was awesome work done by the artist. I was so impressed by this exhibition and artists as their art let us know their culture and with how much dedication they had completed their artwork. I still believe that If I got any chance to go to the art exhibitions, I will not miss them for sure.

Follow-Ups Describe an Art Exhibition You Visited

How could an art exhibition attract more visitors?

The best way is for the government of a nation to give maximum support to exhibitions by giving much publicity on international televisions. In addition, the environment must be designed up to global standards. For example, in my country, the national theatre gallery is a general focus because of government touches to the vicinity.


There are so many reasons that different peoples to go to art exhibition one of the reason is the want to know the culture of other there as we know that there are so many of the artist who displayed the what is the exceptions and the sum of the peoples are there who want to know the cultures of the artist the depicted through their art some people go to the exhibition to relax your mind 

Is art exhibition popular in your country?

Yes, it is very famous. Apart from the national art exhibition, there are other local ones that are meant for the people in each state. Government input in celebration of art and culture is one of the major sources of popularity.


Yes, as we know India is a country with vast diversity. So to know every culture, they arrange art exhibitions. It will depict their culture and also give them chance to grow in their field.

Do you think people have to pay to visit art exhibitions?

Definitely yes! For the exhibition to be fantastic, there is a need for money to run the activities, therefore it is necessary to pay before visitation to art galleries.


Yes it is right to visit the exhibition it is not for the opposite is just to respect the other they are displaying their arts for free some amount of money to see art and to appreciate it well

how will art exhibition change in future

Hmmm… This is a technical question, however; the way things are going now art exhibition will take a great dimension in the nearest future. It would be very popular all over the nations of the world because not only just government, individuals are investing in the exhibition than before, for example, in my country family of late Fela Kuti, an afro-beat singer are having a location for an exhibition of his past works where people occasionally visit.


As we all know that today is the world of technology. SO with the increase of technology, exhibitions I believe would take place through the computer. There will be entry fees and then you can buy and see exhibitions in the portal.

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  2. Reshmi Abhilash

    Describe an art exhibition you visited
    When did you see this exhibition
    Where the exhibition was held
    What was on display
    Explain your impression of the exhibition

    I decided to speak about a time i visited an art exhibition, to say specifically it was in 2017, when i went to home country for my vacation, my family  decided to enjoy alapuzha house boat. We reached there on a fine morning and experienced our dream. Later I notice some attractive painting on the walls of the city, so I enquired about that and came to know it was a part of annual fair and state’s effort to rejuvenate  the coir industry. A local bus station was transformed to an art gallery which was one of the tourist attractions that week and it was our next point to visit. I paid a very affordable entry ticket there. Gallery was rich with artistic paintings illustrated how coir industry is developing, apart from pictures  products made of natural fibre was also displayed attractively like home decors, floor mats, small models and so on, really amazed with the talent  which i visualised  there and worth it. I bought some of the products to decorate my living room. I came out of the center with an appreciation for my country’s  effort to extend the coir industry world wide, and i became a part of it.

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