Many People Believe that Countries Should Produce Food

Many People Believe that countries should produce food for the whole population and import as little food as possible. To What Extent do you agree or disagree?

Most people think that a nation should be self-sufficient in growing its crops for its entire population, thereby reducing the goods from overseas to as little as they could. However, I’m afraid I have to disagree with it for two major reasons, and in the following few paragraphs, I will explain this.

To begin with, each crop requires an ideal climate and soil for growth; therefore, it is impossible to produce every type of consumption product in one country. To cite an example, apples require cold weather to grow, and therefore, Eastern desert countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. will have to import them from other apple-producing countries. There are still many fruits, vegetables, and grains that are unable to grow in deserts. Hence, it would not be practical to just rely on the minimal homegrown crops. Therefore, a country will have to rely on other nations for food commodities.

In addition, if imports are reduced, there would be a price hike for locally produced crops. This is because product quantities that are available locally would be lower, and subsequently, the price would also soar due to high demand. It would result in no profit for anyone. As a result, most countries import items to stabilize the economy.


In conclusion, it is argued by most people that a country must produce its own food for the entire nation. However, I strongly believe that importing is necessary as different crops require various environmental factors to grow, and less import results in a rise in the cost of commodities.

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