Many People Decide on a Career Early in Their Lives and Keep to It

Many people decide on a career early in their lives and keep to it. This, they argue, leads to a more satisfying working life.  To what extent do you agree with this view? What other things can people do in order to have a satisfying working life?

Sample 1 Many People Decide on a Career Early in Their Lives and Keep to It

In our modern world, the job is so essential for our entire life. It is necessary for a comfortable life. We cannot live without a good income, and it is needed to fulfill our dreams and satisfying life. I strongly agree with this view.

Most people want to achieve their goals in the younger stage itself. The reason behind this, they used to try for their goal. Once they achieved the goal, it leads to their satisfying life. The goal will be a dream job or something related to a profession or personal. Whenever we fulfilled our dreams, it gives more satisfying life us.

On the other hand, we can find out satisfaction in any job. There are so many ways to keep our job more satisfied. Most people select their Careers according to their aptitude. Apart from that, they choose the job giving more income or benefit. This way makes them feel unhappy. Wherever we are working, we must choose our enjoyable environment, not income or benefit. If we are thinking about the income, we never get happy.

To conclude, I believe that creating a goal in our life is satisfying life, especially career life. Starting a career at an early age has several advantages. Getting the desired Career is the most important way to lead a happy life.

Sample 2 

Pursuing a career is essential in everyone’s life to get fame and lead a luxurious life. I completely agree that it should be decided in the early stage because the person remains focused on his goals. People should choose a career that interests them to lead a satisfying working life. In this essay, I will explain my opinion and some points to have a satisfying professional life with the relevant supporting ideas and instances.

To begin with, a person should think about his Career pursues in his early life, so that he stays focused on his achievements. In other words, if a person knows the path to get to his goals, no time will get wasted to achieve it. For instance, some careers have an age limit, so if one takes a longer time to decide, he may miss an opportunity. Moreover, a mind should be busy all the time as an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Children should be engaged in their Careers from the early stage to be saved from falling into bad companies.

Furthermore, less salaried jobs can also help a person to have a contended career life. A career should be chosen that interests a person. To clarify this, if a person is doing that has his interest, he will take that one to new heights. He will work more efficiently and lead his Career towards success. For example, if a person wishes to become a painter, but his parents pushed him forcefully in the engineering line, it will bring stress in his life as his mind and heart will not move parallel. He will not be able to put his efforts and can get a downfall in his career. Sometimes parents push their children to become engineers or doctors, as these are lucrative jobs. As a result, Children under the pressure of their parents choose the Career they want, but they become a loser in the end.

To recapitulate, satisfaction is a must in our pursues whether it is a less salaried job moreover, giving early thoughts to our careers will keep our minds stay tuned.

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