Describe a Polite Person Whom You Know

Describe a polite person whom you know

  • Who is the person
  • How you know him/her
  • And explain why you think this person is polite

Sample 1

I want to talk about a polite person in my life. He is my grandfather Mr. Gopalan. He is very handsome as well as the kind-hearted man I have ever met. And I have met many people in my life. Also, I could not find out this personality. He is a very talented and well-mannered person in his career and personal life.

When I was in grade 4, he gave instructions for my good behavior and my life. The way he greeted me and thanked me was amazing. Whatever I told him, he is fascinating to hear my story, experiences.

He is well known in my community as a perfect gentleman. Almost everyone in my locality likes him for his polite manner and simple lifestyle. I enjoy spending time with him because I can learn more ideas and will get new experiences. He is the perfect example for each and everyone how to live politely and righteously.


Sample 2 of Describe a polite person whom you know

Everyone has its nature and traits, which makes a person differ from one another. Some are extrovert, introvert, reserved, shy, and so on. These are the traits that fix our personality in front of others. Here I would like to talk about a very polite person named my uncle Sr. Pargat Singh. He is a retired director from the horticulture department. And He had been on such a reputed post, yet I have never seen him rude to anyone.

He always greets everyone who passes by him or comes home to visit him. He all time ready to help others if anybody asks him. Sr. Pargat Singh has some physical problems like he can not talk properly due to once Sr Pargat Singh got a clot in his mind, he is suffering from some paralyzing problems. He always keeps on reading articles on the situation which he is going through.

Whenever he hears a person suffering from the same problem, whether that one is known or unknown to him, he visits that person and suggests what he should do. I love to spend time with him, as I learn many new and good things from him. And I was arrogant in my life, but after I met him, I have changed a lot. I learned from him that no one is superior or inferior in life. Everyone has self-respect. If we give others value or respect, we get the same.

I have seen that everybody in my family or relatives loves him and respects him. There would be no one who hates him. Due to his kindness, all obey him. He is the man, and I think who does not have any enemy. I thank god that he blessed me to have such a nice person by my side.

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