Many Students Find It Hard To Concentrate In The Class Nowadays

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Many students find it hard to concentrate in the class nowadays. What are the reasons behind this? What solutions can you suggest?

It is a matter of concern that many students suffer from poor concentration at school these days. The purpose of this essay is to briefly discuss the major causes of this problem and to suggest some remedial measures for the same.

The most likely culprit here is children’s increasing usage of modern technologies such as smartphones. When set against the comparatively pleasurable task of surfing the internet or playing video games, studying can seem fairly boring and hard to concentrate on. I have felt my attention span shortening since I began using smartphones, and there is hardly any reason to believe it should be any different with children is a case in point. This inability to pay attention can also be attributed to the growing indiscipline within modern classrooms. Modern parents can be overly lenient while most schools have phased out corporal punishment as a corrective measure. The undisciplined environment that this leniency breeds makes it hard for students to stay undistracted within the classroom.

However, there are some workable solutions to the problem, one being to make classroom study more engaging. This can be achieved through incorporating technology into the classroom and upgrading traditional teaching methods. Perhaps, the teachers can use PowerPoint presentations to deliver lectures and also work on making the otherwise passive classroom sessions more interactive for the students. Another measure, albeit unconventional, can be to implement meditation classes within schools. Meditation forms such as Mindfulness are known to improve one’s ability to suppress impulses and to think clearly, both of which can contribute positively to a student’s focus in class.

In conclusion, children’s growing closeness with technology and classroom noise appears to be at the root of this problem. However, it can be resolved by making teaching methods more interesting and teaching students to meditate. Not until schools and parents intervene can this problem be solved

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