Many Would Argue that Scientific Research Requires a Degree of Oversight: Writing Task 2

Many would argue that scientific research requires a degree of oversight from the relevant governmental authorities. In my opinion, properly handled, this is a sensible and necessary policy. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Sample 1

It is implicit that inventions play a significant role in managing all communities across the world, and the growth of scientific research a rapidly surged over the years. Therefore a few segments claim that inventions and research require a certificate or degree from the approved government organisation before proceeding with their research for the nation. However, many may see positive phenomena. However, this would delve into the benefits and drawbacks of such a measure.

The main advantage is that if the state undertakes the project on the company, its cost will probably reduce and be supplied by the government; as a result, scientists can provide another sort of Sophisticated equipment which brings advanced and better investigations. Another advantage is that all the crucial information could be saved because, with the support of authorities, they keep the project safer and unable to disclose the information to anyone else. For instance, a student from a well-recognised university claims about the project they had got, but due to restrictions, they were unable to cooperate with the city project because the government did not provide the tools which they needed at that time, but after they got supplies from various authorities which they made an immense contribution for the country. In addition, during the inventions, they all had ample permission and protocols to follow. However, with the possible support of authority, all the obstacles were automatically removed from their path.

On the other hand, without government assistance, all the investigations can decline the freedom of scientific research, and they impose restrictions that will not be able to finalise the research and damage their self-esteem. In other words, scholars have to work with unknown colleagues, so they may not feel pleasant, which has undesirable problems over time. As a result, they would suffer various consequences during their work.

To conclude, it is generally noted that any research under a specific organisation’s control can have numerous benefits.

Sample 2

It is irrefutable that scientific research has been essential to human existence since the dawn of time. Some people believe that the government should manage the work of scientists. Although there are some benefits to this, such as getting loans and helping in the country’s overall development, some drawbacks include autocracy from the government side and decreased work output by scientists.

To start with the positives, researchers being supervised by the government, firstly, will enable them to solicit funds or even get loans from the government when the need arises. Undoubtedly, scientific research demands a huge monetary investment ranging from various assessments, control experiments and other related field works. Raising this capital becomes a challenge for most scientists. However, when the government leaders are somehow moderating their work, they easily get the financial capacity to execute their research plans. For instance, in most western countries like the US and UK, most scientific work is supervised by state authorities who provide funds for their work. Secondly, another crucial benefit is that this can lead to the overall development of the country’s economy. When researchers have the necessary support from the state leaders, they can execute their research plans which, when it results in positive outcomes, lead to an economic boom.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to this phenomenon. First, when care is not taken, state authorities can become autocratic in their dealings. That is, they will, by all means, dictate for these scientists how to go about their normal work routines. This will make them work against their will. Additionally, this can affect their work output since they barely find satisfaction in their work. Consequently, the quality of work would be affected. To buttress this point, an automaker in Ghana named Osafo Kantanka, who was previously doing well on the kind of cars he produced, started performing very badly when he became affiliated with the state authorities.

In conclusion, there are equal pros and cons associated with the supervision of inventors by governmental authorities. However, whatever the case, the quality of the research under study should always be the major priority for both parties.

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