Many Young People Today Know More About International Pop or Movie Stars

Many young people today know more about international pop or movie stars than about famous people in the history of their own country. Why is this? What can be done to increase young people’s interest infamous people in the history of their country?

It has been argued that youngsters nowadays are more updated with the information about global pop or movie stars rather than the eminent personalities of their past. Out of many reasons technology, the lavish lifestyle of famous celebrities is the prime factors behind it. Telling young minds the gallantry act of prominent persons is one of the solutions. 

To commence with, Firstly, young aged persons are greatly inspired with cutting edge technology. They are displayed more about the expensive lifestyle of global stars, their fame and fan following. For instance, what colour of dress do they wear that make them charming? Adolescents blindly follow it. They know that it is a herculean task to get success in this cutthroat competition. Therefore, they try to single out what lucky charms they have and the same they purchase. Resultantly these things make them know more about them. Another classical epitome can be seen that many youngsters wear a bracelet that famous actor Salman Khan wears, and teenagers think it will bring fortune to them. 

On the other hand, to stimulate today’s generation to know more about prominent personalities is making them aware of the courageous act. This can be in the form of stories. The best alternative is making it indispensable for the youngsters to play the role of the famous character of the past in the annual function of a school or in a play. Thus, they will not consider it a tedious activity. They will be able to get in-depth knowledge about them. To exemplify it, it has been seen that in many educational institutes, young minds take part in youth festivals, and they also take part in debates or play. The role of great emperors or philanthropists will feel proud of their rich history and compare it with their present scenario. Thus others will also get motivated and feel obliged. 

To conclude, thus, in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that today’s generation is more interested in international pop or movie stars than the famous personalities of the past. It is because they are influenced by their lifestyle and wealth. The solution is to make them aware of the deeds that have made them legendary figures. This can be done through dramatization as well as folklore. 

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