Medical Procedures for Cosmetic Purposes Should Not Be Allowed: Writing Task 2

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Medical procedures for cosmetic purposes should not be allowed. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Medical Procedures for Cosmetic Purposes Should Not Be Allowed

Medical procedures for cosmetic purposes, such as plastic surgery of the nose, face and other body parts, become so popular in 1 decade. Some people argue that medical treatments, just from a cosmetic point of view, should not be allowed. I completely agree with this statement, and I will explain it with two key factors in the following paragraph.

On the one hand, individual people have their own rights and choose to make their bodies as they want. Because cosmetic procedures can boost self-confidence and help individuals to feel better themselves, some medical cosmetic procedures are necessary. Indeed, some medical treatments like breast reconstruction or removal due to some critical illness like cancer. Banning such cosmetic treatments can result in black market services, leading to life risks for individuals.

On the other hand, some people argue that cosmetic medical procedures are not allowed because they are not medically necessary and can be risky. In these procedures, multiple types of substances are included, which are hazardous to a person’s life. For instance, a person who is looking for plastic surgery for his/her face due to they feels “ugly”. After medical procedures, they feel good, but after one or two decades late, it starts hurting, which could be resulted in infection, cancer etc.

To conclude, from both points of view, people have to go with this medical treatment for cosmetics only, unless or until it’s necessary. They have to feel happy or precious with what they are.

Sample 2 Medical Procedures for Cosmetic Purposes Should Not Be Allowed

It is undeniable that nowadays, half of the generation uses cosmetic therapies. However, medical treatment based on cosmetics should not be allowed on the body or face. I strongly disagree with the statement. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I intend to discuss some viewpoints along with my opinion.

To embark with, there are a plethora of benefits of cosmetic surgery. The first and foremost point is that some people who are struggling with their appearance may boost their self-esteem after the treatment, as well as it is very easy to get any type of medical treatment at present than in the past. For example, fat reduction, nose surgery, eyelids surgery, and so on treatments are easy to get and affordable for a person who really likes to take these treatments. Apart from this, many people encourage to do this because they are inspired by their role models like Shilpa Sethi, who is a Bollywood star and has had three nose surgeries.

Furthermore, sometimes people take some steps due to society or family backgrounds. Additionally, some individuals might have accidents that cause their body injured or distorted from normal ones. Moreover, some people suffer from problems related to their bodies. For instance, a woman has a size problem in her breast, so in this case, they want to change it by taking medical surgery.

To recapitulate, I completely agree that individuals should be allowed to take medical treatments so that they feel more beautiful or confident person.

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