Writting Tast 2( example 31) Modern lifestyles mean that many parents have little time for their children.

Modern lifestyles You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:

Modern lifestyles mean that many parents have little time for their children. Many children suffer because they do not get as much attention from their parents as children did in the past.

Do you agree or disagree? Write at least 250 words.

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  1. L o o k at the words or phrases in capitals. Choose the word or phrase which sounds more formal.
  2. Rewrite the final paragraph in a more formal style.

People who ARGUE that nowadays parents give less attention to their children than in the past are FREQUENTLY looking back to a BRIEF period of time in the twentieth century when MOTHERS in middle-class families REMAINED at home to look after their children. What these people are SUGGESTING is that women
nowadays should not go out to work.
THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT in THE MAJORITY OF families in the past both parents worked MUCH LONGER HOURS than they do nowadays. What has changed is that now in most countries their children ATTEND school rather than also working themselves. In that sense they may HAVE LESS CONTACT WITH their parents.

Nowadays, as a result of ACQUIRING AN EDUCATION, children come into contact with teachers who NATURALLY have to explain why some of their students are failing. What teachers come up with a r e FREQUENT stories of parents who are SIMPLY too busy for their CHILDREN. And IF CHILDREN ARE NOT SUPERVISED BY THEIR PARENTS, they will often UNDERPERFORM at school.
However, ACADEMIC FAILURE is nothing new even when one or both parents are at home. If children ARE NEGLECTED by their parents, they will suffer. I guess children probably had more problems in the past when they and their parents had to work non-stop just to get by. These days, the law looks after children
and they can go to school, so children have lots more chances than they ever had before.

In my opinion, children probably suffered more in the past when the whole family was obliged to work long hours just to survive. Nowadays children are protected by the law. Moreover access to education means that they have greater opportunities than ever


Modern lifestyles


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